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by , December 10th, 2015 at 10:50 AM (661 Views)

So many things I need to be saved from...
My own strong will. It runs wild.
The plans I have made,
But not from your counsel.

Saved from a heavy heart holding me down,
From my eyes roaming to wasteful things,
The ways in which I am quick to judge,
From the lies of the enemy.

Saved from selfishly grasping,
Holding tight to what I need to share,
The greediness in my heart that
Always seeks more and then some more.

Saved from enjoying endless pleasures,
From missing time to serve, love and pray,
The many escapes that deceptively hold peace,
Not seeing what I need to repent of.

Save me.
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  1. oldthennew's Avatar

    I'm so pleased,

    after reading blue's last comment on the REDBIRD' thread, I found
    this page, 'blog'? don't really know what the word 'blog' means, but
    I have an idea that it refers to a person's own personal thread?
    maybe you could explain it to me if you world...

    anyway, I'm so glad that I found this room of yours and really am not
    surprised that you are a wonderful poet also and so good at expressing
    yourself - honesty in ones writing has always been such a plus for me,

    thank you for sharing yourself with such unself-conscienceness, it adds
    a purity...

    dennis and joanna
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