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" The Great I am "

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by , October 11th, 2017 at 08:06 AM (90 Views)
My child, I have given thee the
power of discernment and
knowledge of understanding
through the word.
I Jesus Christ, Son of the
most high am with thee, yet
many choose to walk alone.
Many My child, walk in
darkness and a plight of
sorrow and pain, aimlessly
Aimlessly seeking that
which they cannot find
for they posse no hope.
People of faith need to pick
up the banner of faith and
march forth with courage
and conviction for the sake
of salvation, for all mankind.
Go forth My child and plant
the seeds of hope, gather
unto thee the flock and
encourage them with the
words of the Father.
My child give comfort to the
sick, the down trodden, those
suffering in pain and sorrow.
Give them hope through
prayer, words that will
uplift and nourish the soul.
I am with thee My child, I am
the light that will guide thee.
My love I bestow upon thee,
for it is love, compassion and
apathy one for another that
breaks down all barriers.
Be not afraid of the unknown
for in Me the darkness that is
in the world will not prevail.
I am many things, to many
people, but the constant is
that I am the Great I am
and nothing shall stand a
against Me.

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