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Are Mega Churches Helpful or Hurtful?

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by , November 10th, 2017 at 02:30 PM (123 Views)
Some Christians underestimate the importance of regularly attending Church and dismiss it because they are too busy or are prioritizing other hobbies/work above it. Scripture says, 'Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that....." (Hebrews 10:25, CEV). God always know what's best for us, which is why the Bible stands for "basic instructions before leaving Earth." There are numerous reasons why God wants us to attend Church. First, it encourages our faith as we see other believers praising God and talking about Him. Second, we can receive encouragement through the messages, music, and fellowship to support us in our Christian walk. One option that is becoming more popular for believers are mega Churches, such as Timberline Church or Flatirons Church. Some people love mega Churches and some hate them; therefore, it's important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of them. Some of the top concerns for mega churches include the lack of community. It's difficult to develop a sense of belonging among a congregation of 10,000+ members. Next, the crowds can be strenuous because of the throngs of cars/people you must navigate through each weekend for Church. However, mega Churches also offer many benefits, which is why they are so popular. For starters, mega Churches usually have dynamic speakers and phenomenal music. Also, because they have the resources, they tend to provide awesome programs for children and teens. Last, some people really enjoy the anonymity mega Churches provide so people can come and go on their terms without any pressure from anyone. Christian singles sometimes enjoy mega churches because it can provide more opportunity to meet other believers. However, it also can have the reverse effect where they feel even more disconnected and alone. Therefore, many have turned to online dating to increase their chances of becoming equally yoked. For those who do, it's important to check out reviews, such as Christian Mingle reviews, to determine which site is best to use and why.

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  1. Ugly's Avatar
    The issue people have with megachurches is that most of them seem to have poor teaching. And that's why they attract so many.
    Rick Warren of Saddleback places a Lot of emphasis on psychology. He has interrupted his own messages to have, essentially, a commercial for his programs.
    When some of his congregation was reported for bullying it was ignored. Warren is also a major advocate of Chrislam.

    What good are the "benefits" if they are not centered on God?

    As you put it, people want to go on their own terms. Because their focus is not on going for teaching and edification. They go for socialization and entertainment.

    Lastly some Christians don't go to church for the reasons you gave. They should try megachurches. Plenty of entertainment and minimal spirituality.
    But some also don't go because they have jobs. Or because they've been burned by churches, or for disabilities. To isolate one reason as the only reason discredits you and what you have to say by showing an unwillingness to paint a full picture, but only the parts you want that benefit you.
  2. mcubed's Avatar
    A good about a mega church is they are on tv. My mom has M.S. and has been bedridden for about 10 years and my dad who is 80 had an amputation last year, they do not/cannot leave the house. They have full time care. They watch church almost 24/7. Some people are shut-ins and thank G-d for those churches that can reach them in their homes.