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, October 11th, 2017 at 06:41 PM (120 Views)
I'm lost. I can't find my way. I've been lost for a very, very long time. It seems to me since as far back as I can remember. Do not misunderstand, I am blessed and I know it. Sounds like an oxi-moron doesn't it? I've managed to survive for a very long time this way. I am a believer and would not have survived if I wasn't. I see glimmers of light, then the darkness draws near again. I pull back into myself when I see the darkness descend. I abhor the dark and constantly try to move toward the light. I'm tired. Getting weaker each time. I've had to hold too many up and I'm tired. I have no clue how this came to be, it is all I have known. I was born to it. A family legacy carried forward unwillingly. You ask, do I pray? I say better to ask if I stop.
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  1. SweetmorningDew78's Avatar
    I don't know what's the whole picture sis but is sounds like you are overwhelmed and you seem like you are having a hard time....sis hold on to that light you see... If you can push towards it push harder...if you feel weak drag yourself towards it... Never give up...Use that glimmers of light you see to find your way...There's a reason why you've come this far it is because God didn't stop believing in you...even if you feel like you can't go on anymore...He knows that you can do can make it just continue to let God hold your hand...

    We don't know each other I dont know where you are...and I don't how can I help you...but can I pray for you?

    God bless you more each day ❤
  2. SarahLaLuz's Avatar
    Hello, I read your post and wanted to encourage you in the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I also want to mention that sometimes our feeling of loss or being lost in this life is quite common when we are searching for direction or a way out of the "norm" of things that are going on. If however, you feel lost because of generational events that have occurred, i.e. things that have been handed or passed down to you through the generations that may be causing the feelings you have, then I recommend speaking to a Pastor about having the generational curses passed down, broken off of your life so that you can get free from them. I have worked with a few who are now free after being prayed over regarding the things of the past and that lost feeling and God through Jesus Christ has set them free. God bless you and I pray you consider this concept as a potential answer for your needs. take care.