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You didn't like the video. ??

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by , April 19th, 2017 at 08:25 PM (91 Views)
I don't think some liked or like my videos.
There's a saying, eat the fish and throw the bones away.
Very interestingly NICe. Very true though.
Though posting the last one of the speaker Ramirez.
Remember, that spiritual warfare is vrey real.
The deeper one has gotten into the darkness of it, the deeper one needs to be in the word.
Evil dosn't want to let go, easily, and though we know how to take the authority Christ gave us his word, as the sword agaisnt all evil. I listened to a few ex gang people, and they yet have a ways to go into that deep calleth unto deep, and go deeper than they were in their evil. Temptations of pretty looking girls they had like before, but where have those people brought them to lust after lust. Sorry if ya all thought it was ungodly, in many of the old carnal ways, it was, but are we soooo perfect. Jesus said, cast your own mote out of your eyes, to see cleary the small mote in someone elses eyes. Have we gotten soo prideful that everyone is corrupt but us? This is how the devil was put out, and has no more ability to return.
We do, we put on afresh everyday, through the sacrifical atonement made for us on the cross.
HIs mercies are new every morning.
One of the reasons satan hates the human so much, not only were we created by God, but we have a new chance every day, every moment to change, and not be with him in hell eternally, without end.
I thought the video was true, as he didn't pull any punches, what he is, and how he was and not who he will be after the service.
Many wear the suit, and only the Lord knows what goes on after. HOpe no one was offended, as no one is perfect. To try to get the word out, being into satanism is always a struggle, because the worst threat of anyone is to get a soul to turn their life around.
Even the movie karla in prison, she was a worse threat to the devil's kingdom to be let out, to continue on with the talks about her and our Jesus the Healer.
All our rightoussness is like a filty rag.
James says, the book of James, "YOU bless God, and curse your fellow human, being, it must not be so, for all were created in the image of God."
Out of the same mouth, cursing and blessings, should not come forth out of the same cistern, or spirit.
So I noticed a cold shoulder after it posted, News Flash, more might be on the way.
God is love. bible verse.

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