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by , December 31st, 2017 at 08:12 PM (96 Views)
Dear thy lord,
I've been hoping to get along with myself, but ended up hurting myself worse.
The word I call myself, I don't think i can put up with myself any longer.
The way I think of myself, Hurts worse than Even I can't see what waiting.
Only thy lord can hope for a better me, That's why I want to change for the better.
I might be crazy, But I know that everything I do, Has already been played out.
I love my family, That's why I thought I was a burden to them.
My grandparents never got out the house, maybe because they are to busy caring for me.
Lord, I want to be a better me that's all I ever wanted in life even since I was young.
Yeah it's silly to think It's okay to look back on life, But in all truths By looking back on my past I learned to evolved with the help that you gave me and my family.
I hoped for them to have not to deal with me, Yet everything turns a way that you would have ever thought of it turning out to be.
You gave us another year to change our ways yet people never see it never want to believe it.
The children who have never learned to know your name send someone their way and to hope a better life for them. Which I guarantee that the child who have never heard of your name be blessed by the HOLY SPIRIT!!
I hoped for a better world yet the further it goes on.
For those who are in the need of prayer please comment and ill help prayer for a family member or a loved one, I will Always be willing to pray alongside a new friend, You have my word.

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