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Russia & China...

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by , 1 Week Ago at 12:08 PM (39 Views)
I've only ever had 2 visions in my life... one while awake and the other while sleeping. Both were definitely from God, biblically lining up with the scriptures, and they were lessons for me in both humility and faith. Both were back in 2011, and it was amazing that at that time, having not read much of the scriptures, that God chose to teach me through a vision... some lessons which were already in the scriptures!! One of them I shared here on my blog, titled "Humbling vision".

So what I've never shared with anyone is that around the summer of 2016 I had a dream. I'm really hesitant to label this one as being from God, because while the other 2 were clear lessons for me, this one was of a different nature to those. I'm nervous to share it, because I avoid sharing anything unbiblical or anything I'm just unsure of. And of course, God knows everything we type and share too, so that is always on my mind.

I should add a disclaimer here that this could just be my brain recharging itself after a long day, but it's been on my mind lately because it's not typical of a dream I would ever have. In fact, very strange to say the least!

My short snippet of a dream was of Russia and (I believe) China, and apparently some kind of alliance between them. I've not really had any conversations about these two countries and they've not been on my mind in any way. Also, during that time I had been absent from this site and was not really reading the scriptures at all.....

Russia's Vladimir Putin was (I believe) here in America, and I had this feeling like he was in charge here in some way. (Possibly conquered America?.... I don't know, but he is the only one I saw)

The section of a map flashed up with all red pinpoint markers on it (more than one marker). I didn't see closely (maybe was not for me to know), so no idea if the map was worldwide or just national, therefore no comment on what countries were listed, but somehow this was related to Russia.

Then flashed up a building with a specific design which I had seen before, but I didn't know what it was or where it was from. I later ended up searching online for this building, to find clues. I then discovered it was called a pagoda, and is a building common in China... so this is where I got the China connection. I recall it was green and I think red also, with 2 or 3 tiers, very much like the picture below.

I also saw some colorful Russian (cathedral-like) buildings.

So... Russia and China alliance, a map with pinpoints on it, Putin in America.

(**The fact that I saw Putin specifically does not necessarily mean Putin himself as a person is of any significance. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. It could just be that his face was confirming the country I saw as being Russia?**)

I don't know how these countries are involved (if at all) biblically??! This is all. Very strange... not like dreams of cats, lol!!

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