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by , January 2nd, 2017 at 08:41 PM (356 Views)
All I want to be is loved. This year in 2017 I am doing me. Loving myself. Being in no relationship with nobody except myself and Jesus.

I need to focus on myself. I know what kind of a man I want to marry now. But After going through relationships over the years, and was in 3 relationships this past year in 2016, I need to just learn to love myself.

I want, and I need this more than I want it, a Godly man, a loving man, that is going to love ALL of me of who I am as a person and not for my body. A Godly man that loves Jesus and prays. A man that will make me his wife someday and a father to our children, as I do plan to have children someday.

I am just tired of being hurt by guys who don't respect me. Part of my problem the last few years is that I haven't respected myself. How am I suppose to receive respect from someone if I don't respect myself and set boundaries? The thing is that I do, but I am too nice of a person and then I let people take advantage of me.

I need to remind myself daily of who I am and who God wants me to be. To not worry or dwell on what others think of myself, to not be afraid to say no. Do not lose faith of who you are.

I was baptized on July 14, 2013, it was a day I will never forget and it was awesome giving my heart to Jesus, but I shortly soon after that day forgot who I was, who I am, who God wants me to be. All because I was afraid to say no.

I need to remember that my body is to be left for my husband, not to a ungodly man that doesn't love God, or pretends to love me.

I am a strong, beautiful, and confident woman. I was baptized when I was 18 and I am now 22, I haven't read the bible all the way through ever, but it is my goal right now as I become closer in my walk with God and finding out how to truly love myself.

I pray that wherever my Future Husband is that he is safe and healthy, humble and kind, genuine, caring, kind, loving, and humorous. And I pray God is watching over him.

In Jesus Name I Pray,
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  1. nicholasifejika's Avatar
    Happy newyear 2017

    I am new on cc I am a growing christain man I got baptized in August 2015 I am so in love with the things of God I find joy in singing hymns my favourite hymn is “All hail the power of Jesus name“ by Edward Perronet it is an 18 century old hymn
    I love God and I thirst for Him always

    I hopw we can be good friends
  2. KALYNA18's Avatar
    ​amen. Agreeing with you, and I feel like that too. Proud of you! Ya!