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Enjoy your Day!

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by , July 13th, 2017 at 02:11 PM (189 Views)
I write a lot of business emails every day. I used to close with: Have a good day! As I have grown as a Christian, I see a change in my way of thinking as it applies to myself and others. Instead of hoping the world circumstances would change to present them (or me) with a day filled with situations that bring peace and happiness, I have begun to realize that having good day is really a matter of choice. Every day is good because God made it. Creation is good because God made it. Whether we choose to enjoy this day or not is determined by us. Now I close business emails with: Enjoy your day! How the day will go is not within our control, but we all have the power to enjoy our day. So, dear reader, I pray you enjoy your day! God made this day for us to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.
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