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I Can Only Imagine (Movie)

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by , 5 Days Ago at 05:34 PM (25 Views)
I Can Only Imagine is a movie based on the true life of a famous singer/songwriter named Bart Millard. Bart was a victim of abuse and abandonment, but he found comfort in faith, music, and young love. The movie recounts his struggle to face his past and become a famous musician. Currently, I Can Only Imagine earned 7.6 on IMDB and 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. Considering Star Wars: A New Hope only has 8.6 on IMDB, I can confidently say this is an incredibly popular movie. The ability to appeal to a wide audience is a primary reason for success in media. One way this movie reaches a variety of people is by delivering multiple themes. If you ask viewers what message they got out of the movie, one might say to have faith in God. Another might say to chase your dreams, and other people may say to find forgiveness. Still others may say it is about romantic or non-romantic love.

Although the writers, producers, and actors (Dennis Quaid was phenomenal!) should be thanked for their tremendous work in reflecting real life, the true credit belongs to God. God authored Bart Millard’s life and did all of these amazing things through him. He intertwined multiple themes into his life so He could speak individually to our circumstance. What is God saying to you? Go see the movie and let me know which message resonated with you.

Since I am a Mercy Me fan, I had heard Bart talk about his life from the stage before the movie was made. Honestly, I felt reluctant to buy a movie ticket because I did not want to see a child beaten (even if it wasn’t real). Plus, I do not like sad movies. I was relieved to see that no violence to children is portrayed on the screen, and the movie was one of triumph—not despair. With God as the author of our lives, none of us live a life of despair either. We just need to let go of our lives and trust Him to write a marvelous story of triumph with our own lives. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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