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Near Death Experiences

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by , January 24th, 2018 at 10:37 PM (248 Views)
What this Atheist Saw in Hell is FRIGHTENING !!! (Bryan Melvin NDE Testimony)

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  1. Lafftur's Avatar
    ATHEIST PROFESSOR IN HELL! Best testimony EVER! HELL NDE. Amazing! Howard Storm Don Pipper Interview
  2. Lafftur's Avatar
    I Went to Hell & Saw My Friends There | Ron Reagan | It's Supernatural! Classics
  3. Ugly's Avatar
    I simply can't buy into the NDE thing.
    It's so easily faked (and has been).
    Because it's easily faked, and tends to generate popularity and/or money it creates a viable reason for people to fake the stories.
    This increases the number of fakes.
    Due to this the reliability and viability of the reports diminish increasingly.
    And with the internet it's easier than ever to spread and cash in on these stories, amplifying the reasons to fake them, increasing the number of fakes even further.
    But most importantly I can't find a biblical support for it. And some of them go directly against what the bible says.
    Lastly they are irrelevant and unnecessary to spreading the gospel. While hell is a real thing and one that should not be ignored, it also should not be the centerpiece of ones message of God. Nor the centerpiece of ones spiritual walk.
    Using fear tactics doesn't cause people to form genuine walks with God, it converts people to a religious system wherein they hope to save their butts.
    If you want to spread the gospel a much more powerful message, Especially in this modern age, is one that promises love, acceptance, peace, emotional and mental healing.
    And if you want to enhance other Christians walks dwelling on stories of people going to places where God does not dwell is not of benefit or edification, things which the bibles says we should be speaking on.
    In short, as a Christian, hell is something we need to be aware of, and has it's time and place, but should not be a focus. Neither between Christians, nor towards non-Christians.
    So that's yet another reason i don't believe God is sending people to hell temporarily just to come back and tell the story.
    Lastly Jesus told the parable of the man that went to hell, i think it was a rich man. This man begged God to come back to earth just to warn his family, and God denied him. I think that applies to these stories as well. Unless God has changed His mind, in which case He is no longer the God of the bible. Negating all of this conversation because the bible itself would no longer be true.
  4. Lafftur's Avatar
    LOL! Ugly, You rambled.......are you afraid that NDE's might actually be true?