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The 4 Living Creatures - Their Purpose

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by , 4 Weeks Ago at 09:51 AM (85 Views)
I'm so excited to share with you what I've gotten from studying the 4 Living Creatures and the 4 Horses and Riders!!! I'll try to be brief........

Four Living Creatures are THE WILL AND WORKS OF THE FATHER on display at His Throne so all of heaven may know The Father. While Jesus was on Earth, He put these 4 on display by doing the Will and Works of the Father so that we might know the Father on Earth.

The 4 horses and riders are consequences to not obeying the Father's Will displayed in the 4 living creatures.

1st Living Creature: LION - King - Highest Authority (Gospel of Matthew)

No one in Heaven or on Earth can challenge God's authority because He is the Highest. It is the Father's Will that I submit and come under His authority with love and obedience.

Jesus displayed Lion when "...even the winds and seas obey Him.......demons and evil spirits obey Him.......never have we heard any one speak with such authority...."

1st Seal: Lion releases Rider w/bow on White Horse

When I rebel and will not submit to God's authority, I am choosing a human to rule over me - either myself or another person. The Rider is the human I have chosen to rule over me. ( I Samuel 8)

White - the one with authority rides a white horse

2nd Living Creature: OX / CALF - Priest / Servant - Able to Meet the Needs of the People (Gospel of Mark)

It is the Father's Will to meet all of my needs - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

Jesus displayed Ox/Calf when He feed multitude with 2 fish and 5 loaves, as well as, telling Peter to pull money out of a fishes mouth to pay their taxes. Healing sickness and diseases.

2nd Seal: Ox/Calf releases Rider w/sword on Red Horse

When I rebel, I'm choosing to take care of myself with no dependency on God. I'll have to kill or be killed to take care of myself; thus, I will no longer have peace - just fear, worries and war.

Red - shedding of blood to meet needs

3rd Living Creature: MAN - Savior - Able to save us from our sins (Gospel of Luke)

It is the Father's Will to save me. Jesus Christ is the MAN - the Savior - the Seed of the Woman that the Father would send to save us from our sins.

Jesus displayed the MAN when He was born in a human body. He did not sin but, fullfilled all righteousness. He has become the Human Fulfillment of the Law for me - The Lord Our Righteousness.

3rd Seal: MAN releases Rider with balance scales and Black Horse

My faith in Christ as Savior or my faith in myself or any one or thing as savior will be weighed in the balance. Jesus told Peter, " Satan desires to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you - that your faith would not fail you. After you have been tested, strengthen your brethren."

Black - when the kingdom of darkness is all around me and it is the darkest night, I walk by faith not by sight.

Wheat is the harvest of the Jews from the Earth.
Barley is the harvest of the Gentiles from the Earth.
Oil is the anointed spirit-filled Jew.
Wine is the anointed spirit-filled Gentile.

A penny/darius is a day's wages - the work Jesus did in one day on the cross - His blood. He purchased 1 measure of wheat and 3 measures of barley with 1 day's wages.

4th Living Creature: FLYING EAGLE - Deliverer (Gospel of John)

It is the Father's Will to deliver me from Death (second death) and Hades/Hell. He wants to deliver me from all my enemies (Enemy #1 is my flesh) - make them my footstool - ruling over them.

Jesus displayed the Flying Eagle every time He raised someone back to life. He is able to deliver me from death and hell.

4th Seal: Flying Eagle releases Death Rider on Pale Horse w/Hades close behind

Only God can deliver me from Death and Hades. My final deliverance will be when Death and Hades are cast into the Lake of Fire, at the very end of time.

Pale - color of death, dying, life is leaving body

Notice in Rev. 5, all 4 living creatures bow and worship the slain Lamb upon the Throne because it's the Father's Will that judgment bow and give way to Mercy. Mercy rules and reigns over Judgment.

However, where there is NO Mercy - there is only wrath. Meaning, without the Blood of the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ), there is only wrath. This is why the wrath of God still abides on people that are not saved - have not received the blood of Jesus for their sins to be forgiven.

That's all I have so far. There is ALWAYS so much more to glean from the scriptures.

Hope this helped someone understand.

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