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  1. Controversy on O.S.A.S and some comfort on both sides of this fence.

    by , 11 Hours Ago at 09:00 AM
    First of all,believers can become convinced!!!!( Rom 8:38) And if you are, then this is not for you. For newbies who may not yet be convinced, but are still believing to become convinced, then this is for you! A favorite scripture among the O.S.A.S. community is this one ( Rom 11:29) Which is a fact!!

    HOWEVER!!!! We know the Lord gives each the very same measure of faith.( rom 12:3) It is perfect,we could not ever work to receive this from our self! It is the same when you give someone ...
  2. Lazarus is NOT prophesied WHY????

    by , 17 Hours Ago at 02:35 AM
    I do not find any old testament reference to Jesus' most important miracle, the raising of Lazarus from the dead. WHY is there NO reference in the old testament ??? this is really very strange.. it makes the new testament seem weaker and even makes me completely doubt the new testament.... If Jesus was the prophesied messiah then his miracle would have been prophesied, but its not... this seems very, very weird... if you can offer an non fanatical explanation or sweeping cliche' then please feel ...
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