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Long Distance Line

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by , 4 Days Ago at 09:28 AM (66 Views)
Long Distance Line
by me

Our long distance lines,
my writing to you,
your own 'connection' to me,
these ways keep us together,
but you need more than this,
from me you need better.

Our intentions are good,
at least they are in our hearts
but it's just not enough,
because we are so far apart.

There are so many road blocks,
and only two shady detours,
there is so much confusion,
and misunderstandings,
I wish you would just work
with me, what keeps you
from talking to me?

My heart had good intentions,
and those intentions were to fight
for this, for this love,
but my writing is also manipulative and selfish,
dragging your heart along, making you stay,
but you gave me several chances,
and I didn't take the risks,
not like you did.
I failed, and I just,
missed it.

I know that you love me,
and your heart is fully in this,
but I want to do what is right for you,
and I don't think making you wait,
is the right thing for you.

Our relationship depends on these crutches,
because we are held back and broken by fear.
and I don't know if you want to wait for me to
get my things together another couple months,
to even a year.

You won't tell me..
You won't talk to me,
and it's still storming confusion,
darkness, and misunderstandings,
and we aren't getting closer,
communication important
but it is broken,

I love you,
but you know we both need
better from each other,
we both need more.

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