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My Wedding

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by , 1 Week Ago at 09:22 PM (229 Views)

God gave me a vision for my future.

..I have a future.

My Wedding
by me

The day will be blessed,
sunny and warm.
The chairs were white,
the grass was lush and green,
each blade sparkled with shining
dew drops that were reflecting stars.

The arch was covered in flowers,
and there I stood in a beautiful
glowing white dress,
and white veil.

In front of me,
Stood my future,
the groom,
He was wearing a black tuxedo,
and although I couldn't see his face,
he was holding my hands,
looking into my eyes.

No matter how bleak and dark the situation,
no matter how many sleeping lions I have around me,
God has the final say on my life,
It is because of God I live,
and have a hope.


it wasn't this place but it looked similar to this, I found this pic online on this website.
It's a good reminder for me to look to the future.

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