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Believing All That God Is

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by , April 17th, 2017 at 08:08 PM (238 Views)
I realised something today, something that kind of shocked me. For all of my life, or certainly the years I remember; I have expected very little of God. The bare minimum really. I don't mean I have asked little in terms of how often I call on Him or anything like that - I have consistently been sending up prayers for help in some situation or another. Sometimes significant things of course but mostly the basic day-to-day stuff. Dull stuff. I have always wanted God to help me along my way, bless me with some peace and happiness. A job I enjoy that makes some sort of difference. Financial stability. Solid, healthy friendships and relationships. Maybe meeting a nice guy, falling in love and getting married. Maybe there'd be kids, God-willing. This is all I've expected from God, all I've thought to request or hope for.

I've never once dared to ask God to work mightily in my life. To take my ordinary life and shake it up, make it something amazing. To use my life to do something wonderful, not for my gain but for His kingdom and His glory. To truly transform my heart and my spirit; to fill me up with Him and pour me out into the world around me. To really take charge of my life and do with it whatever He pleases. To consume me with a fire that simply cannot be extinguished, no matter the circumstances. To uproot everything I know, if needs be. To make me a genuine, authentic disciple. Most of all, Ive never dared to ask Him to take away anything in my life which keeps me from loving Him wholeheartedly, above all else. To tear down my walls and idols. To remove those comforts that stop me stepping out more in faith. I've never asked God to perform a miracle.

I've never dared to genuinely believe in all of the power God has and just what He could do with my life if I invited Him to. If I opened myself up to these possibilities beyond anything I could dream up on my own. I stand in awe when I think of it now. It seems crazy that I have never even thought of it before; it literally just hasn't crossed my mind. Up until this point my prayers, love, hopes, vision, and dreams have been mediocre at best. What a waste of a life! The things God could do... I am excited to finally see things through this fresh, exhilarating perspective. I feel free at last. After all, anything is possible with God!

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  1. jdu4510's Avatar
    Good day littlelady.
    A very inspiring perspective you have posted, which reflects a lot in many ways about my own life.Being a newbie to Christ I have not really reached out to God for His Will to be done,but, more of a self wanting pursuit first.This view of course has been wrong and to put God's Will first is the priority.Although this "renewing" of my mind is sometimes a painstaking process, it is the process and with reaching out to God in Prayer and requests for His Will to be done is the only Way.
    Any ways, God Bless you and reach out to God and expect for the Renewing for His Will to be answered.
    God Bless