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Prayers and Strength

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by , May 12th, 2016 at 01:14 PM (214 Views)
Recently I have been speaking to God a lot and praying lots more and reading the bible and christian books. Trying to get closer to him and give me life fully to him. I just need prayer to help me stay on track and not fall into sin and stay strong. I need prayer for my family for my relationship because i feel like its falling apart. My fiance he needs help to become closer to God because hes very easily influenced by the earthly things. Also ever since iv'e been trying to get closer I have had some weird dreams one was very scary it was an older lady and something bad was coming to the earth I could tell and the lady kept staring at me and then it ended up not being a lady at all it was something evil and it tried to grab me but I called out for God and said Jesus is Lord and it let me go and i woke up and the other I believe God was letting me know that he wants me to share his word with everyone!! I don't want anyone thinking i'm crazy here or anything because of these dreams so please don't judge me please.

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  1. GeorgeM's Avatar
    God bless you Marissa