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About SCAMMERS .... in Christian Chat, Penpal Forum

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by , September 11th, 2017 at 06:14 AM (231 Views)
About SCAMMERS .... in Christian Chat, Penpal Forum


What should you think if someone with SO nice profile, writing good and godly blogs here, answering all your messages with such skillful and nice words...and here and there addressed you with dear and my Lady....

Then you see in your thought who wrote all those ...a kind looking man with his children in his profile.... DO NOT THINK...
"HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!!" finding a good friend in him and maybe even more!

Please EXAMINE very carefully!

And if you want a proof from him and you got it, even an address and telephone number on Google... but he would not be there!
And if you call him with that number, somebody else were on the phone!!

He is not in Alabama, he is using other Phone provider from a suspect provider......

If you then be sad, to "hangout" with him for so many hours...
it was better than get caught by a scammer!!

I still do not know, from which nice family he stole all those nice family pictures he proof who he supposed to be!!

Could somebody out there help me to detect from which profile all the photos came from??

I would be very glad to get some comments on this theme!!

God bless all of you and may our Lord gives each of you a Holy Spirit, to discern the scammer on time!
God keeps each of you save! Amen

PS: you can free to write to me privately to get more information on this theme.

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Updated September 12th, 2017 at 01:12 PM by Martha58

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  1. TemporaryCircumstances's Avatar
    Reverse search the pictures
  2. Ugly's Avatar
    This is the case for Any internet social media. There are always warnings about these things. There's even a tv show that shows real catfishing stories unfold. Yet people continue ignoring them.
    Meeting someone online is possible. I have met friends and gf's online that were all everything they claimed. There has been only one or two that weren't. But I knew something wasn't right and kept my guard up.

    One of the biggest warning signs to look for is someone unable to video chat. Or whose general communication is very limited.
    You can learn a lot of info on people online. You can get at least minimal verification. More skilled people can find free court records online.
  3. Martha58's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TemporaryCircumstances
    Reverse search the pictures
    Thank you for your suggestion, but I still haven't succeeded to track those pictures... I think they are from Facebook!

    God bless you!