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My mother is a really.

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by , 1 Week Ago at 02:39 AM (73 Views)
Alright this is a bit long, however I feel like some background information would do the reader(s) good.

My husband and I were friends before we got together and no it was not under any kind of "morally right" expectations. We were both addicts and users, we were doing dope, selling dope, and living on a fast tract to hell.
Well when we first got to together he took me to his mothers and the very first thing that she did with me was smoke meth with me and her son and her boyfriend ( who used to be the dope man) well at the time that my husband and I were using she was my absolute best friend she treated me as if i was her daughter.... well lets fast forward almost a year to a couple of months ago when my husband and I decided that we wanted to quit using, selling or having anything to do with the drug.
We still came to visit his mother just without a bag of dope and that is when I went from "you're like a daughter to me" to "I don't think you are any good for my son".

Okay so my husband and I talk and one of the things we touch on a lot is our childhoods, either one of us grew up in any kind of functional, loving, or decent families. we were brought up around drugs, money, sex and every sin that looms in the dark corners of hell.

One of the things he told me was that his mother often and reliously practiced which craft and it was a routine and hobby of hers to learn dark spells of love and such....

alright I will get to the point....

Well we recently found out that we are pregnant, we told his mother and i am not lying to you when i say that not hours after telling her she invites us to eat at the place she works, once we are there she buys us food and is oddly nice to me. I thought it was becase she wanted to start a new chapter, move on, be a decent human being for the sake of her flesh and we were leaving i learned quickly that her intintions were as dark and cold as her eyes are. as i headed to the door my husband yelled goodbye to her and she waved him over towards her and when he hugged her she slipped a young girls number in his poket and told him that she thought he was extremly sexy and that she would love to have him. Oblivious to the face that i had just seen and and heard everything she looks at me and as if we had been friends forever says "bye girl" then before my feet hit the door she goes over to the young lady shed just tried to suduce my husband with and begains whispering and giggling.

now I am not one for superstition or one that is frightened with voodoo, I don't shiver at the thought of a big magic book and a witch with a boiling pot of potions. however I am also not ignorant to the fact that the devil and his demons are very real and will come to kill steal and destroy and that they can take over someones abilities if that person is not only willing but welcomes them to do so. I know that curses do exsist i know what wich craft is a real thing and that it is dangerous. I also know that the power of god can over come and demon and any curse.

My concern-

My concern is that both my husband and I are very new and delicate in our relationship with God, we struggle and sometimes we get discouraged and confused. I know that his mother is well educated in love spells and I am concerned that she can (if she hasn't already) begin to curse mine and my husbands relationship. This concerns me because I am not naive, nor do i care to score brownie pounds with my pastor or church by pretending that we are strong in our faith. we both are fighting and addiction that has plagued our lives for years and our families for generations.

My question-

Are there prayers that can help us against witch craft? are their prayers that can break curses?

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  1. Shc's Avatar
    "Prayer Against Trafficking Witches

    Dear Lord Jesus, would you please send a special assignment of warring angels to remove all trafficking people from me. Please have your warriors strip these witches of psychic powers, demonic powers and occult powers. Please strip them of magic charms, psychic vision and powers of divination. Please have all their powers and devices destroyed and cast into the abyss. I ask you to bring these people before your throne and bless them with the revelation of who you are and your love and plans of salvation for them. Please show them how they are being deceived by Satan. I take authority over all astral assignments directed against me, and I ask you to establish an impenetrable shield of protection between me and all those who traffic on me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.