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  1. Letter to the Faithful - Opposition !

    by , 5 Hours Ago at 12:55 PM
    If you are of Christ, then you face opposition. Opposition to the Word, His Glory and the fruit of the Spirit. Moreover, must we push forward all these things that edify our Lord, Jesus Christ. For the world is fully dissuaded from the purpose His Blood and death.

  2. What's the point?

    by , 21 Hours Ago at 08:35 PM
    There once was a man
    who did not know why
    moments were slipping by
    and all the while he thought
    what is the point?

    There once was a dreamer
    who kept dreaming dreams
    in his eyes still gleamed
    the light of last nights
    but he never did anything.

    The woman on her 30 minute break
    she is feeding the birds with
    some crumbs of a dollar burger
    once she hoped for something
    but now she just hurries all day long. ...

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  3. Genesis and the Three Heavens

    by , 1 Day Ago at 12:42 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Base12 View Post
    Ask any Christian, Scholar, Pastor, Church Leader etc., and they will all tell you the same thing...

    The Heavens we see above and the Earth we see below were created in the very first verse of Genesis...

    Genesis 1:1
    "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"

    Unfortunately, they all have it wrong... dead wrong.

    The Heaven that we see above wasn’t created until Day Two...

    Genesis 1:8
    "And God
  4. Action.

    by , 2 Days Ago at 10:25 AM
    An action happens whether we want it to or not and that includes doing nothing. For if fears paralyzes you into not taking an action; that is an action. And for every action, there is a reaction, which is either negative or positive. The reaction resulting from our action will either motivate or demotivate our demeanor. This affects our perspective and future because it addresses the current image we have of ourselves. All our actions are a reflection of the man in the mirror.
  5. The Real Battle.

    by , 3 Days Ago at 06:32 PM
    How often when trials and tribulations hit us that we cry, “why me”? and proceed to seek comfort from anything or anyone that has empathy with us. We welcome the consolation of well-meaning people who neither provide real strength or wisdom on our situation. We succumb to our fears and anxieties. What we really have failed to do; is not to address the real battle that we face each day. Often these same trials and tribulations keep manifesting in our lives and we don’t understand why or how ...
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