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  1. Did mankind walk with dinosaurs in the bible yes or no?

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 11:37 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel2020 View Post
    The earth is much older that 6000 years. From the death of Adam and his descendants to Abraham is 12,337 years. The age of each one's death calculate the years. Not to mention, from Abraham to Jesus was 1,680 years ,which comes roughly to 14,017 plus from Jesus to this day has to be calculated. This is the birth and death of every first born.
    Adam and Eve spent a minimum of about 100 years in the garden. Adam was 130 years old when he had Seth, and they were gone from the garden. From Adam's death ...

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  2. Democracy: The Western tool for domination

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 10:09 PM
    Having failed to stem the expansion of Chinese political and economic influence worldwide, the Western imperium will doubtless focus its stop-China efforts in the years ahead on its favorite hobby-horse: democracy. The West's secularism and democracy also serve as an invaluable beachhead for the empire to destabilize and even regime-change those non-Western governments it doesn't like.

    The process works as follows. First, it is "established" through Western mainstream ...
  3. How False Flag Operations are carried out today?

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 08:59 PM
    "The lesson that should be learned from Syria and Skripal is that if “an incident” looks like it has no obvious motive behind it, there is a high probability that it is a false flag"

    -- take it from Philip Giraldi, a veteran of the CIA of 20 years

    False Flag is a concept that goes back centuries. It was considered to be a legitimate ploy by the Greeks and Romans, where a military force would pretend to be friendly to get close to an enemy before dropping ...
  4. The Long Run - by me

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 11:50 AM (My poems, love songs, etc.)
    The Long Run
    by me

    Love ends, you said.
    Feeling you burn as the world slowly tears us away,
    you hold on tight, you're hurting inside and so am I,

    hearing them say 'let go'
    like a hammer to a glass heart
    that is always breaking for you.
    I want to be all yours in this dream
    but are we gonna be crushed and wake?
    Tell me because I'm far away from you.
    Is this what you really want to do?


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  5. Broken Together - Song

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 11:21 AM (My poems, love songs, etc.)
    Heard this on the radio, it's one of my favorite songs

    Broken Together
    Song and Lyrics by: Casting Crowns


    How it must have been so lonely by my side
    We were building kingdoms and chasing dreams and left love behind
    I'm praying God will help our broken hearts align
    And we won't give up the fight
    It's going to take much more than promises this time
    Only God can change our minds

    Maybe you and I

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