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  1. Divorce

    by , 1 Day Ago at 12:10 PM
    According to the book of Matthews, a woman who has been divorce should not remarry or have a sexual relationship unless her ex husband passes on. It's adultery if she does so..So how many of us are committing adultery?
  2. Sabbath

    by , 1 Day Ago at 12:02 PM
    Are there people who still follow the law of sabbath? That is not doing any work on a Sunday? Does that law still apply to us on this hectic era??

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  3. Such Grace

    by , 1 Day Ago at 03:44 AM
    Blog Entry No. 3
    (May 28, 2017; 15:32)

    I'm kinda getting the hang of this I'll be more open and try venting stuff here. I do hope you guys could help me. Well of course I know God will

    Last night, I started looking for a site where I could find Christian friends. I had numerous tabs on my phone and started making accounts to each one. Yes, I was desperate.

    I know that I should have just prayed and talked to God but I was too ashamed. I am also aware ...

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  4. blessed night

    by , 2 Days Ago at 05:25 PM
    Good night all. It has been a pleasant and peaceful journey that I had with you all. For a moment there I nearly forgot to open my Bible thinking I have read it already. This is Home. Thank you.
  5. A Path Worth Taking

    by , 2 Days Ago at 11:16 AM
    Are you ready to commit to this path?

    What path, you say? Well, what do you think?

    If I were you and had God's path in front of me, I'd take it with no hesitations. But see, I'm not a kid anymore so I know that each and one of us are different.

    Pursuing God's path may seem difficult to some. Doing this means living a new life. A life away from drugs, drunkenness, disco, or so much more. Who would want to follow the commands of someone who cannot even ...