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How’s Your Life

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by , October 24th, 2017 at 04:48 AM (116 Views)
Anyone loves to hear stories. Stories make complicated concepts into bite sized tidbits, easily chewed and effortlessly digested. Great teachers often tell stories, getting their points clear to their students and listeners. Jesus told parables in the same way, simplifying the complex, illuminating darkened enigmas. The wise couldn’t draw from its deep well; the fool couldn’t grasp its meaning; those who hear are deafened; for the blind, sight was provided and for those with sight, blindness; for the simple, wisdom was handed and to the clever, humility; prophets of old waited in anticipation; but to believers it was revealed. He spoke in simple parables, too common even children can understand, too familiar as an everyday occurrence. Parables display deep things of God in the light of the ordinary. These are treasures of high value in jars of clay; heavenly wisdom in shells of the commonplace.

Jesus told a parable about a rich man.
And He said to them, in a story, The land of a certain man of great wealth was very fertile:And he said to himself, What is to be done? for I have no place in which to put all my fruit. And he said, This I will do: I will take down my store-houses and make greater ones, and there I will put all my grain and my goods. And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have a great amount of goods in store, enough for a number of years; be at rest, take food and wine and be happy. But God said to him, You foolish one, tonight I will take your soul from you, and who then will be the owner of all the things which you have got together? So that is what comes to the man who gets wealth for himself, and has not wealth in the eyes of God.

In this parable, Jesus didn’t say that the rich man was a cruel, evil man. In fact, he was commendable. He was a hardworking man. The effort and energy he exerted paid off handsomely. Using his hands, he made himself opulent. He was no loafer, lazy or indifferent. He was prudent, planning well for the future. He was admirable because he was business wise, shrewd in his dealings. All in all, we can see no delinquency in him. But God called him a fool. Why? Fool is a strong word for one who seems wise. God called him a fool not because he was industrious, not because he was productive, not because he was rich, and not because he was practical, but because he didn’t include God in his life. He had the sin of forgetfulness. He didn’t recognize God in all his dealings. There was no mention of God in his words. His schemes were great but exempting God from his plans was devastating and a great error. He had no respect of Him. He didn’t honor Him. What is due to God, he didn’t give. It might be inferred he didn’t know God. All he could think of was himself. His covetousness, his selfishness and his greed evidently showed. For the One who owns all flesh, God on that night took his soul. So where did his all plans departed? Where did all that he stored go? Like all the things in this world, it’s gone with the wind. How the words of Jesus echoes, “What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul!” It’s clear, his life didn’t count. It didn’t even amount that much.

How about your life?
Do you make it count in any way?
Make it count for God.
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