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Should I tell the guy beside me that his girlfriend is not a girl?

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by , June 2nd, 2013 at 01:29 AM (1734 Views)
Okay there's an American at the table next to my table in this restaurant, right now as I type, and he's in deep conversation with a Filipina "girl" and her "lady" friend, but actually they're not real women. I actually didn't realize it myself until my wife pointed out that they're not real women. Should I tell him?

Well of course I'm not going to say anything since I'm a total stranger, but I've seen this kind of thing happen before, once involving a former colleague of mine.

So here's a question on a crazy topic. If you were acquainted with a guy whose girlfriend isn't really a girl, and he apparently doesn't know, would you tell him?
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  1. dliz's Avatar
    hahaha. i've seen this happened a lot before. uhmm. i guess it would be very awkward to confront him but yeah if you feel convicted then i guess there's nothing wrong with it. just don't do it infront with these so called ladies.
  2. dliz's Avatar
    Or maybe the guy is okay with the fact that his so called girlfriend isn't actually a real woman. If I were in his shoes, I would probably notice that my partner isn't exactly what i think of by now. You can tell if that certain person is actually a real woman or not by her actions.
  3. rejoice83's Avatar
    Let him know!
  4. PreciousMe's Avatar
    maybe the guy knows that his gf isn't really girl at all... hehehe...
  5. hon2294's Avatar
    if we had the chance to talk and he seems to be open i would tell him (whether he seems to know that she's a real lady or not)
    i think that would be a relief xD
  6. Fenner's Avatar
    Go up to the table and say, hey guys how's it going?
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  7. psalm6819's Avatar
    I'd tell him. What if the man is trying to keep the relationship pure so he hasn't had intimate physical contact with the partner that's misrepresenting gender. Not to be indelicate but not all women are Dolly Partin so it may not be visually apparent that this person really is male.
  8. Scotty's Avatar
    I would pull him to the side and be like "This is what's up..."
    Not in front of the "ladies", though...
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  9. RoboOp's Avatar
    Seriously sometimes they fool me too. I mean once there was a "lady" who suddenly started motioning to me through the glass wall/window of a store in the mall, like excited to see me like she knew me or something. Very aggressive. Came to the entrance of the small shop, trying to talk to me. When I realized that this was simply a prostitute trying to pick me up, I ran away from "her" and I announced to the employees in the small shop "I DON'T KNOW HER", and made it clear that I don't want anything to do with "her". Then they kindly informed me "sir, it's a gay". Yuk. I didn't even know! But after they told me and I saw the person again, it was really clear upon closer examination that it wasn't a real woman. (I saw "her" shortly afterwards, happily tagging along with and talking to another stupid foreigner, who apparently didn't know either!!!)
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  10. Frederik's Avatar
    Ladyboy or whatever. I wouldn't tell... It's a restaurant- No need for it there. In a bar I would tell. But most ppl in a bar knows! But interesting topic. Thank you
  11. maxwel's Avatar
    I am laughing SOOOO hard!!!!

    Maybe you could pass the guy a note... like we used to do in gradeschool, lol.
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  12. eminemjrxx's Avatar
    lol i think sumone spiked my drink or sumet evaryfing is makin me laff so hard
  13. lasvegasgrl's Avatar
    >>>"sir, it's a gay". Yuk.>>>

    That's so mean. Are you without sin to be casting these kinds of stones? Gay people are still people. Do you think God loves them less than you? Or thinks they are less deserving of his love than you, or the respect of human decency? This really made me sad to read. Should I call you by your sins and then say "yuk" as though you were so despicable i had to describe it with a vomit sound? Should you call me by my sins and then say "yuk" as if I am a disgusting example of humanity? I'm so upset by the Christian community thinking its okay to outwardly loathe gay human beings as though their sins were any more despicable than their own sins and temptations. No one is perfect. No one.
  14. sparrow's Avatar
    I agree with lasvegasgrl. We are Christians? ( Christ Like) Is Jesus going to laugh at the 2 people dressed like girls? No. He sees them , knows there hearts and why they are the way they are. You so called Christians should pray for them everyday.
  15. PATMEN's Avatar
    Hi Robo0p,

    With today's immorality of intercourse, after first date! I really doubt, that the guy did not know! The world is becoming just like Sodom and Gomorrah!

    GBU, my brother in the Lord