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My neighbor seems to hate me now, after discussing Obama's policy on gay marriage!

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by , February 2nd, 2013 at 01:54 AM (2699 Views)
Well I'm posting this in response to Zone's thread about Obama's call for gay rights making history. But it's very much a personal experience from this past week, so I'm also gonna promote my post here as a "blog". Man I really wouldn't choose this topic to be my first official "blog", because it's not what I'm all about, but what the heck, it happened to me, so let me tell you about it.

I just moved to a new subdivision (here in the Philippines) and I have one American neighbor. We started talking about a week or so ago and sorta became buddies. But then a few days ago we started talking about politics. So we talked all about Obama. He is apparently a big fan of Obama, and he sees Obama as persecuted, and says the real reason people are against him is racism (as if all people who are against Obama's policies are simply racist!). (My neighbor is white by the way.) At that point I had to make it clear that I wouldn't vote for Obama (regardless of his skin color) and that doesn't make me a racist.

Anyway, since we were talking all about Obama and his policies, I mentioned one of the main things about Obama, being the first president in US history to officially, vocally endorse gay marriage (with the whole shebang of giving children to gay "families", etc.). Well you wouldn't believe what happened.

It's amazing how liberal (and deceived) much of America has become, and is becoming. Don't get me wrong. I honestly did not preach at him, I wasn't condemning, self-righteous, etc. etc. I even said I don't care if gays shack up together; I don't think you can outlaw the act of homosexuality just like you can't outlaw fornication and adultery.

But to give innocent babies and children to sets of gay men and sets of lesbian women, and say "this your daddy and your daddy", or "this is your mommy and your mommy"... umm that's where your hurting innocent children. To put a baby or child into that is the ultimate homosexual indoctrination, and no our law shouldn't allow pairs of gay men and pairs of lesbian women to take over the lives of innocent children.

Well, though I was kind with my words, and not even as dogmatic as him, my neighbor took great offense. (By the way he's married to a woman, and he's not gay. But he has a lesbian sister, I later found out.) Anyway it's quite interesting what he did. He repeatedly did all of the following:

1. He insisted that it's SCIENTIFIC FACT that homosexuality is genetic. The scientists have discovered the "gay gene". According to him, no person has any choice in the matter, and it's nothing to do with anything environmental (not even being homosexually molested as a child, etc.). You're either "born that way" or you're not. It's SCIENTIFIC FACT. It's "science". (How can you argue with "science"?) *sigh*

2. He would actually use the Bible to support homosexuality. For one, he tried to say that the Bible doesn't say it's a sin. And for another, he referred to how Jesus "accepted" Mary Magdalene. (More on this in a moment.) [By the way Obama has done this too -- I mean used the Bible, or Jesus, at least referring to "what Jesus would do" -- I could show you a youtube clip of that.]

3. While using the Bible, at the same time he would dismiss the Bible. I know this is totally contradictory to the previous thing. I mean, why would people quote the Bible in one breath, and diminish it in another breath? But this is what he constantly did. For example, when he insisted that the Bible doesn't say that homosexuality is a sin, well I pressed him on that and got him to acknowledge that it actually wouldn't matter at all even if I did prove to him that the Bible does say it's a sin. Because, he absolutely doesn't believe the Bible anyway. He repeatedly made it clear that it's a book written thousands of years ago by MEN, and we've progressed now -- we now know about the "gay gene"! And regarding Jesus "accepting" Mary Magdalene, well when I responded to that with the fuller context and message of Jesus, he couldn't accept those other parts of the Bible, or even the words of Jesus, and said those parts were written by men (so he just picks and chooses the parts he wants and makes his own religion).

Well, again, honestly, I didn't preach at him, I wasn't condemning, self-righteous, or obnoxious. He, however, was quite loud (in the street) and totally blew up at me in my face (I was actually bracing myself for a punch). It was at the point where I gave an honest Biblical response to what he referred to in the Bible, about Jesus "accepting" Mary Magdalene. I mean this is where he blew up, and couldn't take it anymore, when I responded to that. Would you like to know what I said that ignited him? (I wasn't trying to do so, honestly -- I was just being "me", or a child of God, and responding to what he said about the Bible.)

Okay................ you want to know?

When he said that Jesus accepted Mary Magdalene, I simply said the following:

Absolutely! Jesus said he did not come to condemn the world, but to save the world. He came to SAVE SINNERS. And his first message that he was preaching to people (recorded by the gospel writers) was "Repent!". We're all sinners and we all need to repent, and Jesus came to save sinners.

Well I had a hard time even finishing my words. He made it clear that he doesn't like words like "sin", "sinner", and "repent". Especially not in the context of homosexuality! (Though I meant it totally general, and made it clear that it applies to homosexuality, fornication, adultery, etc. -- sin is sin, and we all need to repent and be saved.)

Well he couldn't take that. He practically shouted, in my face: "YOU'RE VIOLATING ME!!!!!!!".

And the last thing he said was that he would send me the "proof" of the "gay gene" but he knows I wouldn't accept it anyway, because, according to him, that would prove that the Bible is wrong, and my "whole life would fall apart".

Those were his last words and we haven't spoken since.

Well, I now feel like people like this would accuse me and us Christians of "hate crime" just for believing the Bible. (And he even told me that it's wrong for me to even think these things in my heart.) And yet, it seems that he/they are the ones full of hate -- hate for the Bible and anyone who actually believes the Bible.

Funny thing is, I had actually prayed the night before to be at peace with all my neighbors. I least expected that I would have a problem with the American that I had become buddies with. But Jesus did tell us to not marvel if the world hates us.

I even tried to examine myself, but honestly, I did nothing but nicely, honestly respond in our long conversation. The only thing is, if I had known that he has a lesbian sister, I may not have mentioned my disagreement with Obama's support for gay marriage. But hey, we were talking all about Obama, and that's one major thing about Obama, and again, what it boils down to is giving innocent children to gays to be their "daddy and daddy" and "mommy and mommy". And this neighbor is so anti-Christ and anti-Bible, that this was bound to happen anyway. Jesus did say "woe to you if everybody likes you!".
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  1. Ritter's Avatar
    Well, I'm glad he's taken it upon himself to grace someone else's country with his presence.

    Now if only there were some way of getting all staunch liberals to do the same thing...
  2. Ritter's Avatar
    By the way RoboOp: thanks for the new interface! It makes keeping track of the latest buzzing threads that much easier!
  3. RoboOp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ritter
    Well, I'm glad he's taken it upon himself to grace someone else's country with his presence.

    Now if only there were some way of getting all staunch liberals to do the same thing...
    Yah he is definitely a "liberal" in every sense. Of course a Democrat (and blamed the Republicans for everything).
  4. RoboOp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ritter
    By the way RoboOp: thanks for the new interface! It makes keeping track of the latest buzzing threads that much easier!
    Welcome, still working on some things. A major version software upgrade of a large forum which is already highly customized is a huge project, or at least it was for us.

    And there are many more things that we want to do after finishing the forum stuff, Lord willing.
  5. jkalyna's Avatar
  6. NewEagle's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing that story RoboOp.

    It reminds me of the Chick-Fil-A situation - the owner simply answered a question posed to him by a reporter about marriage and during the conversation mentioned he suppported the Biblical view of marriage.

    And most of us know what happened after that!

    When you speak God's truth, and someone is not willing to accept it, there can be risk.
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  7. Katy-follower's Avatar
    Well, I now feel like people like this would accuse me and us Christians of "hate crime"
    Can you imagine how much worse it'll be if gay marriage is legalized, and Christians refuse to marry gays in their church. Could they be charged with a crime, for refusing?
  8. Katy-follower's Avatar
    We recently had dinner with an agnostic friend and started talking about Obama. It got frustrating when he kept claiming Obama is Christian and he denied there was any evidence that he is anything other than christian. It seemed that no matter what I said it was going in one ear and out the other. It got frustrating, so I swiftly changed the subject.

    I've found that when it comes to homosexuality it's a sensitive topic and always results in a negative reaction. I'm not sure how to really approach it with an individual involved in it, because they just view us as judging them. If I knew someone gay I would probably just invite them to church and help lead them to Christ. Once they're saved they'll have that conviction of sin. As for his sister, you didn't know. I know someone that says outright that he doesn't discuss religion or politics I tried sharing God's word with him, but he's very closed off to it.

    Remember that Satan does not love the truth... nor do those in the world.

    I recently watched Lisa Ling "praying the gay away" which had me jumping in my seat. There were two opposing sides that she was researching... one that was trying to get healing for their situation and forcing themselves into relationships with the opposite sex. On the other side, there was a 'christian' group that was encouraging people to remain gay. They had a 'christian' camp where they were teaching the youth that they are beautiful the way God created them and they each had to look in a mirror and say out loud that they were not ashamed to be gay. *Cringe* It's like they were picking and choosing scriptures. One teen was claiming he was there because his church kicked him out when he refused to reject his gay lifestyle. 1 minute preview here.....

    I completely agree with you, that it is wrong for gays to raise young children. It's very harmful to them. God's design for marriage, and the whole family unit, is under attack.

    By the way, I grew up living next door to atheists who hated me and my family. It's not like we even witnessed to them constantly, they just hated us because we were christians. Their son was given a bible from an evangelist friend. His parents threw it in the bin and banned him from having anything to do with Christianity. Today he's really aggressive and distant. Very sad That scripture on the millstone comes to mind
  9. Bookreader's Avatar
    So you're anti-evidence based science on the gay-thing?
    Interesting to know.

    I'm currently torn tbh
  10. fellclaw01's Avatar
    This is a very complex issue because gay people feel they are being persecuted and being denied thier human rights.

    The word of God is specific so it creates conflict - personally I feel we should try to focus purely on our own salvation and the daily challenges and burdens we have.

    If we can consider for a moment what a great burden being gay would be. They are feeling defensive and will attack as they feel justified they are in the right. I feel it is a conflict that benefits thier cause rather than the word of God.

    All we can do is pray and lead by example
  11. PATMEN's Avatar
    Hi Robo0p,

    Better to be right with God, than your neighbor! But still, we must pray and hope that someday... your neighbor will find in his life... Jesus, our Lord and Savior!

    GBU, my brother in the Lord