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  1. Weight-loss journey (part two): Soup and success

    by , January 21st, 2018 at 08:11 PM
    Just a quick update on my progress.
    It's been a week since I started a weight-loss program with a friend and some other folks.
    Despite being tempted by shiny office donuts, I've followed it closely, and I'm already down about nine pounds.
    I definitely feel the difference from eating healthier, drinking more water, taking vitamins and getting my 10K + steps per day in as much as I can.
    The first few days were tougher because my body was weaning off the ...
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  2. Weight-loss journey (part one)

    by , January 17th, 2018 at 07:20 PM
    I started a weight-loss program this weekend, and I'm sure I'm not alone since the new year only recently began.
    I knew before I started this that my relationship with food was unhealthy. But now it's really hitting me in the face, and I feel like sharing part of my journey (including how I got here) with you all.
    Beyond just needing to physically lose a lot of weight, I had allowed food to become a major source of pleasure in my life. And, right now, there's really nothing in my life ...

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  3. Facing darkness as a child

    by , December 23rd, 2017 at 11:08 PM
    This is not a happy post, fair warning! I just feel like sharing this. It's about feelings I had during my childhood. Can anyone relate? ...

    This spinning dark place. This loneliness.
    As a child I was scared many times. Scared deeply. I thought of hell and the devil. I saw visions in blue when I closed my eyes. I had dark dreams. I felt one night, probably more than one night, that something was trying to possess me. Something was trying to get inside. So I muttered ...
  4. A few sites to help you laugh -- I hope!

    by , December 1st, 2017 at 10:07 PM
    I love a good laugh, and I'm sure most of us know it's like medicine for the heart! Laughing and being silly help balance out my serous side.

    Anyhow, here are some sites I turn to regularly for cheering up. I hope you like them!

    Casual Christian Comedy:

    Daily Smile:

    Christian Funny Pictures:
  5. Why keep Your scars, Jesus?

    by , November 25th, 2017 at 02:15 PM
    Talking to Jesus one morning, a question came to mind. Why did our risen Savior keep His scars when He visited His followers before He went to heaven?
    He could have closed up the holes in his wrists and side. Maybe they were kept in part so His followers would believe (like Thomas). I think they remained in part as a testimony of His love and sacrifice, as if to say, 'Oh, you don't think I love you? Look here, child. Look here.'
    I wonder if He bears those scars today.
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