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  1. Transformation (breakfast thoughts)

    by , 1 Week Ago at 03:10 PM
    There's a photo at the booth where I'm eating my breakfast this morning. It's a close-up of a flower that is starting to bloom -- its deep-purple and yellow-striped petals stretch out like someone who just woke up and is stretching her arms. The rest of the flower is still wrapped in its green shell, waiting to appear.
    It reminds me of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, and I think about the pain of life, the trials and all the other experiences, which God can use to make us more beautiful, ...
  2. Something fun

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 03:55 AM
    I'd like to hear your stories -
    Would you share a time or two that God has come through for you in a surprising way?
    I'll share one:
    Maybe a year ago, I was driving when a thought randomly came to me to pray about parking, so I prayed for God to show me where to park. I sensed I needed to turn into a certain parking lot. Immediately after I parked and got out, a man said, "need a ticket?"
    I turned. He said he'd paid for more time than he needed, and that I could ...
  3. If you're hurting, He's your strength

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 03:17 AM
    It's about 2:30 a.m., and I'm awake and in pain. It's not physical pain. It's heartache.
    I feel it most days at one time or another, this weight of grief and hurt.
    These are times when I tend to rehearse what has gone wrong, the losses, the slaps in the face, the sins I've committed.
    I think it wouldn't hurt as much if I would talk these things out with people in the church. But I hold back for various reasons, including that I don't want to fill others with heaviness of heart. ...
  4. May I have this dance

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 04:50 PM
    "May I have this dance?" He asked, with love filling His eyes.
    "I'd like to dance this dance with you and never leave your side."
    "Oh, gracious King, my Lord," I said. "For what have I caught Your eye? I'm just a girl in pauper's shoes, and my heart is scared to try."
    "My lamb, have you forgotten that I am a gracious King? When I brought you to My Kingdom, I gave you all new things. Your clothes are white as cotton now - no more stains ...
  5. Want to get away?

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 11:59 AM
    One of the reasons I started writing here was to share feelings honestly, and anonymously, because I don't feel that I have many safe spaces to do that in my daily life.
    Today is Sunday morning. I left church early. Today I feel like getting away. Today I hurt and feel a bundle of conflicting emotions. What I'd like to do, though I can't, is to get into my car and just drive and drive and drive - maybe for days or weeks, to nowhere in particular. It's just the going that I want. It's the feeling ...
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