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Weight-loss journey (part one)

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by , January 17th, 2018 at 07:20 PM (185 Views)
I started a weight-loss program this weekend, and I'm sure I'm not alone since the new year only recently began.
I knew before I started this that my relationship with food was unhealthy. But now it's really hitting me in the face, and I feel like sharing part of my journey (including how I got here) with you all.
Beyond just needing to physically lose a lot of weight, I had allowed food to become a major source of pleasure in my life. And, right now, there's really nothing in my life that I'm excited about, so it filled a void.
Now with the diet, eating is regimented, the food is healthy, and I eat much less but more often.
I eat enough to be satisfied instead of feeling full -- I really like feeling full, by the way. It's comforting to me.
As my body weans off comfort food, it is reacting.
Today I dealt with anger, and I realized part of it is that the rich food is no longer there to drown out the cares of the world that I'm dealing with -- and it also doesn't drown out the boredom and emptiness I feel.
But it will be worth it.
I can't risk going on like I have been.
I don't want to.
For years and years like many women and men I've struggled with my weight.
I think it started when I was a kid and I discovered how much I liked the taste of certain foods and how much I liked to eat.
Food was a reward, and snacks were a regular thing at home.
I was a chubby young girl who became a chubby young woman.
Then I hit about 16 years old and started playing tennis.
Fueled in part by having been teased about my weight, I launched into weight loss.
I dramatically cut calories and began to exercise a lot.
I lost a lot of weight. But even at 140 pounds at 5"7,' I still felt fat.
I still felt "not good enough."
Man, I wish I had been saved back then!
It was about that time I experienced some abuse that I won't go into here.
Over the years, though, after going through college and a boyfriend and a job where I sat a lot, and a long period of singleness and loneliness, I gained it all back and much more.
I won't go into all the hurts and baggage that influence my decision to turn to food, but it has been like a drug for me.
It would numb me when I hurt. It would comfort me when I was afraid. It was something to look forward to and something to fall back on.
Now that God is prying that idol from my heart, I definitely need prayer.
The numbness is gone, and I'm finally having to face painful heart issues.
But I know if Jesus wants me to do it, I can.
God bless you all.
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  1. Eromonnis's Avatar
    Rosyshine, thanks for sharing.

    You said, "But I know if Jesus wants me to do it, I can."
    I am sure Jesus would want you to be healthy. That's it, and that should be enough. So you can.

    Jesus fasted regularly, even once for forty days.
    Don't be afraid to have a go at fasting. Try two separate days per week. But fasting does not mean (no food), but a lot less food than a normal day.

    Do an Internet search and read up about fasting. It has worked for thousands of years.
    Do a bible search too. Many who fast, while fasting actually enjoy a closer and more meaningful relationship with Jesus and God.
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  2. Rosyshine's Avatar
    Thank you!