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Weight-loss journey (part two): Soup and success

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by , January 21st, 2018 at 08:11 PM (209 Views)
Just a quick update on my progress.
It's been a week since I started a weight-loss program with a friend and some other folks.
Despite being tempted by shiny office donuts, I've followed it closely, and I'm already down about nine pounds.
I definitely feel the difference from eating healthier, drinking more water, taking vitamins and getting my 10K + steps per day in as much as I can.
The first few days were tougher because my body was weaning off the bad stuff.
But I do feel good now.
Also, I'm learning to embrace cooking more, especially the art of soup and flavoring with spices -- some pretty boring ingredients can become darn sexy when you throw the right blend of spices in the pot and let them simmer. (Also, hot sauce is a tremendous invention).
I'm praying (and I hope you'll pray) that I keep my eyes on the goal and keep pushing. This program lasts six weeks total, and I plan to do the cycle multiple times to get down to the weight I want.
Time to make this temple smoke! Haha... I'm not sure that makes sense.
Anyhow, I believe that once I'm healthier, meeting some of the other goals in my life will be much easier.
With the physical-fitness side of my life heading in the right direction, I'm also looking into branching out into other areas of my life that need cleaning: mental, emotional, and spiritual health and financial health.
I continue to deal with wounds in my heart, soul and mind from past sins, abuse and ungodly experiences. I'm tired of carrying these things around in my heart!
Seriously, y'all, it can feel like walking around with goggles on that distort reality.
I deeply want to get these things healed so I can be lighter on my feet, and so I'll be able to help others and hopefully better serve God.
I feel like it's a year of renewal and repentance.
Time to get to work.



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  1. tourist's Avatar
    I hope to have a good year too by quitting smoking. You're off to a great start. Good job!
  2. blue_ladybug's Avatar
    Rosy, the safe weight to lose per week is 2 to 3 pounds. It's not safe to lose NINE pounds per week.. Please be careful.

    Though personally I lost 45 pounds and don't even know HOW.. lol
    Rosyshine likes this.
  3. Rosyshine's Avatar
    Way to go, tourist! Keep on trucking! It will be worth it.

    Thanks, blue ladybug. I'm pretty heavy so I think it's just coming off faster than it would for the average overweight person.
    AbigailZeke likes this.
  4. AbigailZeke's Avatar
    This is inspiring! Keep it up Rosyshine! You got this girl! I do some walking on my treadmill every now and then, just need to tone up. Weight loss was a problem for me too but after changing my diet a year ago, I've finally achieved my ideal weight. 5 lbs less!
    Rosyshine likes this.
  5. Rosyshine's Avatar
    Thanks, Abigail!