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  1. A tree's knees and quiet time

    by , 5 Hours Ago at 12:46 PM
    Tree knees:

    They look like worshippers stuck in the ground, bowing near a giant preacher. These bumpy knees of cypress trees, wet from a creek, hands melded together in prayer.
    Above them, the preacher spreads his green-feathered arms, swaying the people with his sermon and pointing them to the sky.
    His congregants are stuck in this muddy church, stretching their twisted faces toward heaven.


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  2. Cardinals

    by , 2 Days Ago at 11:43 PM
    I love to watch cardinals hop and play and rustle in the bushes outside my home.
    Their little chirps greet me in the morning and at sunset.
    They make my heart smile, the way their little bodies dart here and there.
    I look at their special red coats and wonder how much God must love the birds, to make them like kings in scarlet robes who race across the sky.
    Sometimes they dance in the air and sing in twirling chirps and whistles.
    I think they must be singing a love ...
  3. Gentleness

    by , 1 Week Ago at 08:19 PM
    Gentleness seems rare these days.
    It's so seldom shown, or felt, in the everyday experience (at least in what I experience) that when someone displays it, it's beautifully surprising -- like perfume that evokes a sweet memory.
    Much rushing gets done in my daily life. Rushing at work. Rushing to get home. Rushing to get to work. Rushing to make dinner. Rushing to do errands so I can relax.
    Then amid the rushing there is the stress: angry drivers (I sometimes fall into this category), ...
  4. Honoring each other

    by , 1 Week Ago at 08:13 PM
    I'd like to share a little bit about hurts of mine, but also about hope and healing.
    Since I was young, I've heard a multitude of messages - both direct and indirect - that tried to make me feel less valuable as a girl and then as a woman, simply because of my gender.
    At times they've come in the form of jokes about women in general, direct insults, and crude and degrading comments about women.
    I could give you many examples, but you get the picture.
    After years of hearing ...
  5. The dearly loved

    by , 1 Week Ago at 06:34 PM
    Did you know that you are not only loved, but also dearly loved?

    Beloved means dearly loved or a much-loved person.

    I did a quick search for the word "beloved" on the Bible app on my phone. So many verses came up!
    Jesus is beloved, and we are beloved too!
    It comforts my heart to see how tenderly God's Word speaks to us, even in warnings.

    Here are just some of the verses. Please see the surrounding verses for any of them if you'd ...

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