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Relastionships are one crazy ride in life

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by , December 31st, 2017 at 12:26 AM (139 Views)
I was thinking about 8 years ago i met a girl here on christian chat named Sara Rene Hutton who lived in Canada when i was staying here in LA talked to her for 4 years on Skype was banned out of Canada for a year because of a misdemeanor i had when i was younger never took care of it OK they hospitalized me and sent me back to California where i became homeless then moved in with my aunt and uncle in north long beach had to leave because my aunt is crazy with mental problems and uncle didn't like Christians he was a free mason so moved in where my brother Corey lived that didnt work out they where taking rent money and not paying bills house foreclosed became homeless again then volunteered and became a driver for the house of Jeremiah a prison ministry for the Calvary chapel then i was told to leave it was complicated then became homeless again then ended up hospitalized and from excelsior house a crises home in Inglewood ca found a place in norwalk the metropolitan state hospital met a girl named Amy became lovers started working construction with my bro moved her in his place i ended up with a drinking problem was kicked out with my girl we left to Seattle she told me that god told her to go to seattle and he would fund her ministry things went fine until she lost her mind ran back to Cali and i stayed homeless in Seattle for a year and 3 months ended up with a nurse i was addicted to drugs went to jail for 3 weeks and now im back here in norwalk ca La right where i started and that's the truth

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  1. Tommy379's Avatar
    So you're looking for Sara. She may not want to be found. May already be married with kids. May have been a catfish.

    I don't know what being a free mason has to do with your uncles dislike of Christians. A requirement of joining that fraternity is the belief in a creator. Generally, free masons in North America and Europe believe in God, the God of Abraham. The masons around here are Christian.