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Help from a "Contentious spirit!"

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by , January 5th, 2017 at 10:10 AM (409 Views)
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A "Contentious spirit" is born out of pride. And where there is pride, learning is impossible. That's is why God wants us to be like children so we can be humble and teachable. Creating this thread is an act of humility and learning is on the horizon. You are not going to become a milktoast if you try to tame that contentious spirit. Instead many will learn from you more. It's ok to be angry but it's never ok to attack. For those who know your personality, they will understand that you mean well but for others who don't, they will be offended. Stupidity used to irritate me but I just think that sometimes I also say stupid things when I don't feel like using my brains. I find sarcasm funny sometimes, but it depends on the intention. We all just want to be understood and being contentious will cause more misunderstanding. I had an encounter with someone contentious who tried her best to offend me but I focused more on my point reaching her and not on her personal attacks. Her personal attacks had no weight because I know myself and don't care what other people think. The truth in the issue is more important than my reputation.
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