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If Today You Hear His Voice

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by , October 8th, 2017 at 08:31 AM (212 Views)
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Harden Not Your Hearts,

God's words are alive and active, they are there to unite
us in one Spirit. In the midst of all the uncertainty in this
world, as Christians we must unite in one common goal
and that is the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Without
Him there is chaos, dysfunction and lack of any direction
or completion of cause. I've found in my Christian life
that there is more disconnect than there is unity. If as a
we are there to just exercise egos and authority, we are
going in the wrong direction. In a sense, Jesus has now
become an intellectual exercise. A fight to know the most
and to become more learned so that we are able to spit a
verse at will. Jesus asked which is lawful on the Sabbath,
to do good or to do evil. To save life or to destroy it. This
He asked from those who told Him He was breaking the
law by healing on the Sabbath. God's word is to unite and
to heal, not to differ and destroy.

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