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My Cc friends thank you!

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by , October 7th, 2017 at 09:12 PM (119 Views)
To all my friends here on Cc thank you for being you, and that I may be apart of your life.....God loves us so much we have all we need in Him to each thanks for your care encouragement and love here in Cc land in Christ Sherril ....

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  1. tourist's Avatar
    I thank God for my many friends on CC too as I consider them family.
  2. loverofjesus27's Avatar
    thankyou Sherril
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  3. SweetmorningDew78's Avatar
    Thank you Sister Sherrill ❤ God bless you abundantly ❤
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  4. toinena's Avatar
    You are right, sister. CC is a great place to be. I enjoy reading your blogs.
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  5. WineRose's Avatar
    ...Are you leaving...?

    Btw you're welcome.
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  6. Sherril's Avatar
    No not going anywhere just appreciating my dear brothers and sister in the Lord, and im grateful for you in Christ Sherril.....ty...