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Sherrils Life testifying Of Gods Power and Love Part #1

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by , October 15th, 2017 at 09:30 PM (114 Views)
There is so much to testify of God and who He is and how He has shown Himself in my life.{here is 1 of them}
Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.
I was told years ago I could not have a child because of physical complications, I was involed in ministry at the church daycare, Youth for Christ, 4th grade - 12th grade camp counselor, teaching Sunday school, vbs... for many years and teaching these children things of the Lord, i well I began to have a desire to have a child and believing all things are possible....there was a older white haired prayer warrior lady at church after morning service I told her I had a desire for a child .....and she prayed for my husband and I and thanked God for the child we were going to have...I was told it was almost impossible to have a baby by the Doctors, but with God all things are Possible....well when I was 32 years old my son was born and God did a beautiful thing to bless us with a beautiful Son ...I believe in miracles! there is lots more.....Love in Christ Sherril...

#2 miracle.....I had a healthy wonderful pregnancy all excited about what was to come next........ then what happened we never expected son was 5 weeks early, he stopped breathing and had 3 cardiac attacks at birth they took him away from me to a neo nato special hospital to try to save his life, he was in intensive care for 18 days they found a tumor in his heart that took up 80% of his left was one of the hardest times in my life, there were folks praying everywhere for Him to live, I was talking with God with a broken heart but yet with faith and told my Abba God, Father I trust you in whatever your will is but Father I would ask for life for my son....God answered that prayer and my son now is 29 years old...the nurses and docs....were amazed that he lived and they said he had a disease that can kill, & cause mental illness, also tumor's in the body but yet God spared him.....the Detroit children's hospital called us and ask can you bring him down so we can document it in our records they told us they were amazed that he lived...God did it for His glory....and I witnessed to many of Gods miracles...even the staff spoke forth it was a miracle He is alive....God is awesome in Christ Sherril....
#3 My eyes were going blind I had asked God to heal my eyes but my faith was weak yet I cried out to God one day, crying Father I know you can do this and heal my eyes for your glory...then well I was able to go to the surgeon and have cataracts removed the doc. said on a scale of 1-4 I was passed for four being blind in my right eye, and the left eye was not good earthier.....laying looking up at ceiling the time of surgery he removed the cataract from my eye.. I cried out in joy... I CAN SEE...I can see I was proclaiming God healed me ....I told the doc. that God used him to heal my eyes....I remember telling God please I need my eyes to read and study you word and minister.....another day at the doc. I came into the waiting room where lots of folks were I felt the anointing of God and spoke out God healed my eyes I can see....see how God is He is wonderful to bring healings in our lives for His will and glory and to show forth Gods power.....Love in Christ Sherril....
I was a single mom for 17 years working and tending to my son, and there was a time I was over due in my mortgage payment 2 months , well I went to try to receive help at a place that helps folks in time of need, so we would not lose our home, then going up to the lady that worked there telling her about my home and my need, she said we do not have that much right now to be able to help, she told me to have a seat and she would be with me in a bit...there was a woman coming in who sat down where I was we talked as if we were best friends I had never seen her before sharing with her things of the Lord well the women called the other lady to her office then a few mins. later the worker looked at me smiling calling me up saying we have all that you need now.....she handed me a check for the amount that was needed to pay in full all I owed ......God did it! through that dear women who I fellowshipped with...on time is our God...He is my, all my provider, my love, my life ...well I knew it was God ....see how He is what a mighty God we serve...Love in Christ Sherril...

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