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Meaning to Life?

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by , February 9th, 2018 at 03:31 PM (180 Views)
Flowers, rivers, sunshine, snow makes me want to know is there meaning to life or just existence itself?
I remember writing that down on a piece of paper siting at a 24 hour restaurant
oh I was about 18 years old day dreaming by myself just siting there lonely......My life seemed as if I was a dead person walking, living in willful sin at the ages of about 17-21....overcome with my flesh and finding pleasure in all that the world could offer. At 21 years old I was trapped by sin, the world, flesh and the devil....Gods love impacted my life, by His most powerful, amazing love. God drew me back to Himself, unto repentance and surrender setting me free from the holds that bound me. {Gods power overtook me}! God made me whole I was made clean, as a newborn baby innocent and all things were new....See what I really needed was God and Jesus in my life, so I truly found the meaning for life (or should I say God found me) its to serve and love my God and to do His will....if you do not know Jesus and God, and have not fully surrendered to Jesus.....see the void in our life's can only be filled by God.....God is calling will you come? Will you surrender?...............Love in Christ Sherril.....
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  1. IslandBrow's Avatar
    Amen! Amen!
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  2. loverofjesus27's Avatar
    Amen if we have life we have meaning def
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