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A woman is glad to submit to a man who is a real leader

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by , February 10th, 2017 at 07:17 PM (370 Views)
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Sin entered the world through eve, the mother of all the living. She was the first to commit spiritual adultry.

When the Lord said that the woman's desire shall be for her husband, He was referring to the woman controlling the man, in the same way that the desire of sin mastered Cain.

When a woman exercises authority over a man, it is generally a disgrace to society. This is why Deborah the Judge came along when everything was in chaos and turned upside down.

Israel had worshipped female deities.

Deborah was a wise woman who held to traditional scriptural respect for the social order that God, who is a male, created.

Ok drill Sargent, you are forgetting balance. It is NOT 100% authority for men and 0% authority for women. The very fact that we were told to let men lead indicates that we are adults too. There is a different word for women and children- children are to OBEY, wives are to submit. Contrary to popular belief, they do not mean the same, even if man's dictionary says so. Obey means do what is said no matter what. Submit is a descion- try to follow his lead. If I had a husband who told me to be a prostitute and give him the money, I'm not going to do it!

But if he is leading like Christ leads, then I will humble myself and submit. NEVER does Christ FORCE His bride into submission. Any man who forces his bride to submit is claiming more authority than Christ! And this is why God warns him that if he mistreats his wife that God WILL NOT hear his prayers.

If a queen orders a soldier to do something, guess what, it would be wrong if he didn't. If a couple has a male pool man or a gardener, and she gives him an order, guess what. If Abraham and Sarah's servant Hagar were male, she has a right to fire him all the same. And when Sarah wanted to make a big family descion to send Ishmael away, God told Abraham to listen to his wife. A married couple is to make decisions together, and the wife is supposed to promote his leadership unless it strongly goes against her sense of right and wrong. A marriage is a partnership, and neither partner has a right to stamp out the word partner all together.

Guys, I will let you in on a little secret... Your woman wants you to lead, if you do so the right way while being loving and kind. It is a DESIRE that God put in us. If you lead properly, she will be happy IF she is indeed feminine. But if you attempt to take advantage of this by not considering her thoughts, feelings, and her sense of right and wrong, than her other desire of her God-given freewill will take over, and much more strong.

YOU need to humble yourself too! Adam was with Eve when she was tempted, and did not lead/guide/counsel her not to do it, but did it himself only SECONDS after she did- which means he is only stronger in the slightest bit- tiny- the smallest measurement in existence. And sin did not just come through Eve, more times in the Bible it says sin came from Adam.

Be careful not to puff yourself up, but be humbled instead. Because even though men and women have their own punishments, there is no male or female in Christ, no slave or free, Jew nor Greek- no one is more important than another, except for those who serve more than others serve.

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