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by , March 19th, 2017 at 04:39 PM (371 Views)
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Prophecy and Prophets two things that are vastly misunderstood in the body of Christ and also how both of these things are more intertwined with each and every individual Christian than anyone seems to realize. To many prophecy with prophets is visions dreams and fortune telling and is seen as not needed anymore in the church however it's exactly because this is so misunderstood that prophets and prophecy is that much more needed.

First and foremost prophecy in itself is not merely visions and dreams and prophetic future telling prophecy is to speak the words and the heart of God most often in the form of showing encouragement love hope and building up others it is almost always the person hearing the voice of God and speaking his heart in this manner and a lot of times the person sees it as a small matter when in fact it's a huge ordeal. In a sense we are all prophets because every word and every action we speak and do has an affect on the hearts of others no matter how small, this is in fact the role of a prophet to impact and to affect the hearts of others.

A perfect example is my dearly beloved Stephanie, i have been going through one of the harshest storms in my life for the past two weeks or so i have been feeling weak and losing hope i have been struggling to continue stay strong only barely managing to stay strong in trust and hope in God and she wrote a message to me a few days ago that she had completely forgotten she had written to me but in the message she said she felt lead to write it to me she had no idea what was going on in my head and heart as she said in the message but regardless the words she spoke to me gave me strength and lit the flame once more in my heart.

This is a perfect example of prophecy, Steph had no idea what was going on inside me but because she heard and listened to the voice of God with her heart and spoke what was placed on it through her God spoke to me directly and gave me strength that i had desperately needed. Even though she has been and is clearly going through very severe storms her love for me and for God allowed her heart to hear his voice even among all the noise of the storms of life.

Another thing that needs to be explained is that both prophets and the Christian himself/herself can easily misinterpret or mess up what God is saying or wanting us to do if their hearts are not in the right. If your heart is full of hurt anger frustration or bitterness then what God is saying can easily be misunderstood and we ourselves can stray as well.

I often times preach about love and about how our words and actions can impact the hearts of others but this is also especially true with our hearts. you see when i became a Christian i had no one to teach me or show me how to be a Christian but the very first and best advice that God ever said to me was to seek love above all others things. at the time I had no idea exactly how vital this was i simply followed my heart and did so. It was because my heart hungered and desired so deeply to know this love to have this love to see through this love and to be this love that God was able to teach me and to make me grow at such an abnormal rate. I began to be able to see through his eyes i began to make this mysterious connection with his own heart at times feeling what was feeling knowing what he was thinking ect. it was a connection and covenant of the hearts.

But this was only the door to the amazing journey that he would lead me through and when it came to prophecy he did not hold back in teaching me showing me and infusing me with, i did not seek prophecy or visions or dreams but he gave it to me specifically I think because the church needed it not because i was special or for my benefit. The love and fire of God flows through my veins even when i can't feel it or see it or even believe it's there and It's because of this that he seems to use me so much, not as if i can boast or take any credit of course.

I say speak and think of many things here in cc some of which no one should listen to however one thing that I say that is absolutely vital that everyone listens to takes to heart and infuses inside themselves is to seek love above all other things to seek and hunger and develop that deep intimate and beautiful love with God for God and for all others because this is the very foundation of a child of God it is the supernatural steroid of the believers faith and connection with God. how vital this is however is not understood at all because in all honesty how many of you have taken what i said to heart? look at the bible discussion forum it is here that i speak this the most it is here that i am at the most and yet the forum itself is still not showing the heart and love of God it is in fact still showing only what the world says and thinks of us to begin with.

I am in no way more mature or better than anyone else here in fact i would say I am less mature and strong in Christ than many here However the words I say in seeking this love are not my own and are not limited to any kind of maturity in myself. Prophecy and the Christian are both so deeply intertwined with the love of God that it's like a plant that gets sunlight without water, no matter how good the soil is if it doesn't get water then the soil and the plant dries up and love is this water.

If love is in your heart while yes there are indeed times when we go through storms anger frustration worry and the arguments you see here cannot exist because there is simply no room for them in the heart of the believer.
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