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Everyone has a testimony

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by , December 23rd, 2016 at 11:16 AM (477 Views)
You may disagree with me, but any who I went to a youth retreat a few years ago and Tim Ross was the speaker for one of the services. I was one of those people who would always hear people give testimonies about overcoming sickness, overcoming addiction to alcohol and drugs, therefore those people can give powerful testimonies. I myself never went through any of that so I always thought, I have no testimony. However I forget the overall message of his preaching but one thing he said stood out. He explained his testimony and referenced the same sentiment as me of those who believe has no testimony. He said everyone has one, you're testimony can be you thanking God that you never went through any addiction, that you never got sick and almost died, that you never got thrown into the lions den. A testimony can be that you never went through any struggle that other people went through. Everyone has a testimony and it's basically you thanking God for keeping you safe and watching over you. So either he saved you from the pits or he never let you get there, we all have a testimony to thank God for watching over us.
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  1. Miri's Avatar
    It's true, everyone does have a testimony, no one is born a Christian.
    Even people born into the most blessed fantastic Christian families, need to be born again. All should be able to explain how they gave their life to Jesus.