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I Corinthians 1

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by , March 10th, 2017 at 06:15 PM (118 Views)
I read from the New International Version of the Celebrate Recovery Bible.

In the introduction to I Corinthians it states that the theme of the epistle is changing our behaviors by changing our thoughts. I feel this is especially appropriate in my walk right now, since I am trying to get victory over lust and behaviors that stem from it.

Furthermore, the introduction says that Paul was unhappy with the Church at Corinth because of the disunity being displayed, as well as the worldliness.

In chapter one, Paul addresses the division within the church. He says he has heard how believers are divided because they follow different messengers of God's Word (ie. Paul, Apollos, Christ, etc.). He points out there is only one Gospel and one Lord.

As far as how it might apply to my life, I suppose I am guilty of holding tenaciously to the tenants of my particular denomination. I need to compare what my denomination teaches with what the Word of God teaches, rather than blindly accepting everything that is taught as being gospel. No denomination has all the answers, and all are bound to be in error on some point.

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