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The Veiled

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by , January 31st, 2018 at 10:44 AM (92 Views)
The Veiled

Lot lived on the edge of the city and daily
Vexed his pure soul with the deeds of men's sin..
Had chosen this "lot" for his life and his family
Not knowing fire soon would destroy those within.

Was Abrahams way of hearing from heaven
That pulled righteous Lot out from wrath to occur,
Lot could not see truth, for his eyes were distracted
By comforts of living that this life unfurled.

But God in His mercy, and faithfulness minded
The prayer of Lot's uncle given over his own..
Told Abraham go, get your family out from them
For fire is now coming, straight down from My Throne.

Oh, Lot if you only had heeded the warning
To come out and be seperate from worlds ways of sin,
Presented yourself to Me daily to hear Me..
No loss of your house...All your own would come in.

The veiled mind would lift off of thoughts filled with YHWH.
And sanctified works rise to slay dragons lies.
Then gives men our bread daily broken to fill us
With goodness and merciful days all our lives.
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