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Getting The Cart Before the Horse

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by , July 9th, 2013 at 06:34 PM (417 Views)
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Getting The Cart Before the Horse

Daisy wore a faded flower in her hair,
divorce had put there.
Deep inside she yearned for a brand new, bright and fresh he-rose,
with no thorns on it.
For a time, forgetting her strong, white stallion, with the words, "King of Kings and Lord of Lords written upon his thigh.
Grabbing her cart in tow... she would find that perfect bow.
He had to be tall with a golden, yellow crown of hair.
Bright blue eyes that no one else's could compare.
He had to be the strong one, for her to lean on.
He had to be smart to teach her all she needed to know.
He had to be giving to fill her heart with sweet, loving moments she'd never forget.
He had to be forgiving for she was not perfect yet.
He had to be protecting to stand up for her, with every foe, for she was a bit wounded and bashful.
She looked and looked and looked and yet no flower measured up, and inside she grew more and more empty while looking for her he-rose.
Finally, trudging back home on the lonely road, with an empty cart and a broken heart... off in the distance she saw her beautiful, white stallion, right where she had left him. A longing look was in his beautiful, brown eyes. His heart still beating for her. His thighs flexing showing her his great strength that she had forgotten. She saw the holes in his feet with dried blood that he had, once and for all, shed for her. Lowering his eyes to hers and sounding a cry for her to come home... her heart melted within her... how could she have forgotten him? A love that never fails, deep enough to heal her every wound. He was strong enough to bare all of her burdens.
Finally reaching his side.... laying her head upon his shoulder and then pulling herself up with his straps... then lying on his strong back.... she knew she would never leave him again. Then reaching behind... hitching her cart to him... together they would make the journey on the path to find her he-rose, she chose to take a time of healing and comfort on her steed... for she now knew she was not perfect and neither would her he-rose be, but together with their stallion they would be enough. She threw away the faded flower and replaced it with her Rose of Sharon... her Lily of the Vallery.... her bright and morning star. The emptiness was gone.... for she had come home to her King of Kings and Lord of Lords... Jesus!
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  1. Nuns_n_roses's Avatar
    Wow this was profound and beautifully written! I loved reading it!
  2. littleone's Avatar
    Very nice,Rose!!
  3. surprisingrose's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nuns_n_roses
    Wow this was profound and beautifully written! I loved reading it!
    Thank you. I give, Jesus the credit... he stirs my heart to write.
  4. surprisingrose's Avatar
    Thank you little one. You're sweet.