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  1. Letter to the Faithful - The Vanguard !

    by , 1 Hour Ago at 09:06 AM
    Be the Vanguard! The Vanguard of the Truth of Righteousness. All things work for those who are in Christ Jesus. For as John was Christ’s forerunner so is the Body for the Lion of Judah. As many look for signs for a decision, the Vanguard ought to be marching forward waving the banner of Christ. For His arrival will not be denied nor will His judgment be weakened.

  2. Andrew Wommack’s daily devotional August 17 -TOPIC RIGHTEOUSNESS IS A GIFT

    by , 5 Days Ago at 06:32 AM

    - August 17

    Scripture: Luke 18:9 "And he spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others:"
    LUKE 18:9-14
    Andrew Wommack’s daily devotional

    People who are self-righteous often despise others. No ...
  3. The ones He cherishes

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 12:22 AM
    Hi everyone,

    It's been a long time since I've posted on here. I hope y'all are doing well.

    Tonight I'm thinking about Jesus and His love and care for His church. It's a topic I'd like to explore because it makes me feel so special when I read about His love for the church, how He cherishes us like a bride.

    I've been thinking a lot about marriage lately. I've been searching for husband candidates, which has been interesting/fun and painful at times.

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