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Thank you lord jesus christ....

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by , August 19th, 2017 at 10:26 PM (107 Views)
Lastnight i attend fellowship here in our place... for the very first time after so many decades i've found jesus christ in my heart... even before i was a kid god send some people to show me that how to know gods gift and how to worship him in a right way. But im a hypocrite and stubborn try to attend fellowship, but never put jesus christ in my heart.. still doing bad things always lie, judgemental, not good to my family and worst having relationship with same sex.. which get me worst... but because of gods mercy and love to me he never leave me or abondoned me.. he never gave up on me always there to remind me over and over and in so many obstacle, at that night i cried learning that we dont owe our life in reality people die even our love ones.. need to die first my sister and my grandma before realizing that life without jesus christ is empty useless... now still crying everytime im alone talking to god and asking for his forgiveness for all the sins ive done till now... thank you to my sis. in christ who invite me to thier fellowship.. and to our lord jesus christ thank you very much for the wonderful gift that you gave us.. your life so that we can be free and save... thank you thank you... praise you lord god.. amen.

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