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Self censorship, consideration, accommodation or mere stupidity?

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by , March 18th, 2017 at 05:43 PM (321 Views)
I work as a teacher, teaching Norwegian as a second language in a public school.

At school we let the muslim students and workers pray in reset, when the rest of the pupils and staff should clear the classrooms. But that is a for muslims only. Girls can wear hijab, but if I as teacher wears a cross, it would be provoking. Or is it? Is it me that is censoring my self? Too considerate to all the atheists, agnostics and muslims that are in the school. In one way, I think it is not a problem for my muslim students, but more so for my atheist co-workers.

In a class where the minorityspeakers should learn about relgion, the Christian faith was presented. My co-worker was asked who Jesus was, according to the Christian faith. He was quiet, before he replied that Jesus was a great prophet. I jumped in my chair! What? I said out loud that I am not in agreement of that. He is the Son of God. He is the Messiah. We later spoke about the incident, and not surprisingly, he said he did it out of consideration for the muslims in the classroom.

Another co-worker is homosexual, happily married to a man. He filed a complaint to the headmaster about another co-worker, a born again Christian, that, in a private conversation, had told he was against gay marriage. He never filed a complaint when muslim students said worse things to him openly in class.

In a private conversation the headmaster said to me that she understands that xxx could be so extreme having something against homosexuals, but surely I was not that much a Christian? The same headmaster told the school in her Christmas-speech that Christmas was about the sun, and had nothing to do with Christ.....

Where am I going with this? I have nothing against muslims. As a matter of fact, I love them, and I would love them to experience the love of our Heavenly Father and to accept Jesus as their savior. I respect their faith, and they respect mine, because I don't hide it (except in classroom). We should invite them in to our Christmas celebration and tell them about Easter. We should pray for them and love them. But never hide who we are in Christ.

Perhaps I am naive. Or at least a bit too comfortable when I think this is a great opportunity to share the gospel. The mission field is in our backyard. Let's embrace that and show all our neighbors who Christ is. We should share the most beautiful thing we know with the world: the love and mercy that is new every morning in our Lord Jesus Christ.
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  1. 88's Avatar
    Share the Gospel as the Lord gives you opportunity---- keep praying for the Muslims and for more freedom for Christians to express their faith---pray for the homosexuals to get saved and forsake their lifestyle...
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  2. Silverwings's Avatar
    Do all within your power to share the love of God and the gospel, according to the restrictions put upon you by the administration, and pray that those restrictions may be removed. I know this has to be troublesome for you, but Jesus has you there for a reason, and you are making a difference. I hope you get to wear your cross. Jesus, please help this woman in this situation, give her peace, and boldness and open doors for her to share her faith. Remove or reduce the restrictions upon it. Amen.
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