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It hurts, Lord.

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by , October 9th, 2017 at 05:51 PM (232 Views)
I know I am not worthy your mercy. I am not worthy salvation. I am a sinner. Not only am i a sinner, but I am a disabled woman that has failed in marriage and as a mother. I am nothing, Lord. Nothing without you. And I pray that you will restore me and give me a sense of stability and joy in life. But the longer I wait, Lord, the weaker my faith becomes. Not in you, but faith in life. It terrifies me to live my life alone for the rest of my life, but I see that I am not worthy of any man's love, as I am not worthy of you. Lord. Please don't reject and abandon me. Please, Lord. Stay close to me. I need you in my life, Jesus. You are my only hope. At least in Heaven I will leap as a deer. At least in Heaven, I will not be alone. I pray I will never lose the hope of an eternity with you, Jesus. Because without that, I am not sure how I could keep on living.

Thank you Lord, for your precious blood, that washes my dark purple sins white as snow. Thank you Lord, that you love me regardless of my shortcomings and disability. Thank you, that you give me joy and mercy every morning. Thank you for turning the deepest despair into tears and songs of joy.

I surrender, Lord. Let your will be done in my life. Help me live my life so that it gives glory to you. I can't do it by my self, but I trust you to give me the strength and ability needed to do your will.

In Jesus' name.

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  1. tourist's Avatar
    You wrote a beautiful testimony. You are definitely worthy of a man's love of your hearts desire because the love he will give you comes from God and God is love.