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Manic Monday

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by , February 12th, 2018 at 07:08 AM (155 Views)
This winter has been the most snowy for decades. It doesn't help that the municipal is saving money on everything, including hours helping disabled, taxi cards for disabled and snow cleaning. I can't get from the mall to my work place without a car. It is 100 meters!

So. As being disabled and wheel chair bond, this is a trial. Both physically, to get to work, to shop, to University as well as emotionally. How can I meet friends, when all strength goes to manage the every day chores?

This Monday is a manic one. It is insane the amount of snow that has come the past 24 hours. 20-30 inches. I called work to say I am working from home today. No teaching, luckily. Only office hours today.

Dog ran away. Again. (The fence has no longer any effect keeping the dogs inside the garden.) And doing so, he eats the birds' feed at my neighbours. Peanuts and pork belly fat - a sure recepie for vomit during night.

My assistants can't come to shovel. They are busy other places. Of course. Who blames them. I would too, if I knew the alternative was to shovel snow.

Atleast I managed to finished knitting my socks today and have both dogs under control for now. Olympics on TV. Life could be worse. Sweden could win over Norway in men's skiing as well.

Two days from now is Valentines day. I have to work so it is good I don't have a date, or is it allowed to wish for a date with a shovel? That would be the best date I could dream of just now.

My manic Monday continues with more reports to write. I will just watch the Biathlon first. It might be a good day for a Norwegian medal.

Last week was dreadful, and the crisis were of such magnitude it is not possible to write it here. Last week was also glorious. I got to teach at the University. That was such fun. And well paid, too.

Many times I have wished to be taken home to God. Not now. I have too many great things going on. But I wish it could stop snowing! And I wish my Muscular Dystrophy would stop getting worse. That terrifies me more than anything right now. I know God can heal. I pray He will.

This is a manic Monday. I hope I will survive this week. One week closer to spring and summer.
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  1. tourist's Avatar
    It's just another manic Monday.
    I wish it was Sunday.
    'Cause that's my fun day,
    My I don't have to run day.
    It's just another manic Monday.
  2. tourist's Avatar
    You will survive this week because you are a survivor type and quite amazing in doing your best with what God has provided despite you. You have perseverance, determination and ambition to succeed, with the grace of God despite your hardships. Commendable.
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