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Time and Again

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by , March 1st, 2017 at 08:43 AM (561 Views)
Time andagain I have become dismayed at the decorum and behavior I have observed incertain particular forums, especially the BDF, and at times in the Conspiracyforum. Many times a member will be attacked in a mean spirited way if theirview or perception on a certain topic is contrary to the mainstream view.

I havebeen guilty of this as well and for that I apologize to those that I may havehurt or belittled with a brash or curt reply. This is uncalled for, and again,I am sorry if my conduct has been less than exemplary. -

We areall part of the CC family and each member should be treated with consideration.While I may not always agree with each member’s view or understanding does notgive me license to tear them down and make fun of them.

This is aChristian site but at times I wonder if this is really so. To be a Christianmeans to strive to be like Christ and how He conducted Himself while on Hiswalk during His ministry down here with us. My conduct has at times greatlymissed the mark and this must change.

I haveprayed for many members of this site and would welcome their prayers for me aswell. I’m certainly in need of them.

“Todaywhen you hear His voice harden not your hearts, while it is still called Today.”Today is really all the time that we have to make a positive difference insomeone’s life. It is my hope and prayerthat I take full advantage of it.

Only timewill tell.

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  1. Sherril's Avatar
    Praise God ....God bless your heart thank you for your post what joy it brings to me to see your heart toward the things of our Lord ...God is good He is our help...and yes we need to walk in love and consider others above our selfs, and well i guess the old saying what would Jesus do.....thank you for sharing .....i have been on this chat group for about 4 weeks now and i do know the Holy Spirit has been grieved at times for what can go on here ...But God is our example of LOVE. And there are folks that come in that are not believes what must they think ...What they need to see is the LOVE of GOD in HIS children ...i am very hopeful that cc chat believers are being refined into the image of Jesus day by day in Christ Sherril
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  2. EarnestQ's Avatar
    Well said and much needed. We can only pray that it will also be much heeded.
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