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For All The Lonely People

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by , May 11th, 2014 at 11:24 AM (1940 Views)
"All the lonely people, where do they all come from..." from a line written in a song a long time ago but still being asked today by the discerning few.

Written in His holy word God says that it is not good to be alone. Adam was the first lonely guy in the world. Being a compassionate and loving God he created a helper and companion for this guy, his future wife.

The Lonely come from a place called Desolation with Despair their only Friend, living in isolation, lost and forgotten from the rest of the world.

This is not a happy place, and sadness resides there also. Depression is lurking around the edges of darkness and creeping all around.

It is not good to be all Alone. While walking this earthly plane Jesus wept. Lonely people do that at times, but usually deep inside where no one is allowed to see.

This disease is a choice made by those inflicted and can only be alleviated or mitigated by the love and compassion of God that he has in his heart for all the lonely people of the world.

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  1. Godslonelyhero's Avatar
    Elenor Rigby indeed, there are many lonely people out there searching for fulfillment, thirsting for knowledge, trying to live righteously..finding disappointment in worldy things, and uncaring selfish people..God is the only one that can deliver us, and fill our hearts over and above any temporary thing that man can give..If I am lonely with nothing, waiting for God then so be it..
  2. secularhermit's Avatar
    Thanks Tourist!
    That encourages and that "[COLOR=#0000ff] it is not good to be alone[/COLOR]" rests on GOD´s hands, if it pleases HIM and if those alone are [U]seeking His wil[/U]l firts.

    Lonely hero is right when saying. "God is the only one that can deliver us " and I´m also sure we´ve learn from our faults and people´s faults. I have the hunch He is helping us to develope a higher moral standar to live eternity with them.

    Recently, by the way, I re-learned the evil one draws people around to push persons to make a wrong choice. It was rare that, those I missed or those who left, came back to ask me "are you free or engaged". Just to see I have some freedom to let them come back into my life... Sometimes it is us the gilty part in that situation, no matter it be emotional or personal, loners needed to know it as it is (I guess).

    Thank you brother! You are a tourist knight.
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  3. Raine's Avatar
    Though I know I'm not with you in flesh and bones, I am definitely with you. My thoughts and my heart goes out to you continuously Jerry.

    Even when we are surrounded by people we love daily, we can still feel lonely... and maybe this is so that the Lord can fill this void completely for us.

    You will always be welcomed by me my friend. Walk into my heart any time! <3
    Updated May 18th, 2014 at 07:59 PM by Raine
  4. JesusLives's Avatar
    When I was a young girl only God saw me crying into my pillow at night. I had lost both of my parents and I did not want people to feel sorry for me so the tears would come at night when no one could see and a happy face would go out into the world by day. I have in the past been lonely in a crowded room, and now that I truly am alone I am no longer lonely because I know that my Heavenly Father is with me. It's funny how my perspective changed over the years, but I have heavenly company all the time and that is a great comfort to me in a world that can be so lonely.
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  5. firework's Avatar
    I definitely feel for lonely people having been shunned and avoided for being odd. The strange thing for me though is I have always found comfort and regeneration in being alone. I enjoy the company of others and can be quite social at times but when I am alone I don't ever feel alone. I now know this is because God is there. When this is deeply realized being alone becomes something you look forward to because it is your most intimate time with God. I enjoy every minute I can spend with Him in the most personal way and pray that all those experiencing lonliness will also realize this.
  6. Heart_Melody's Avatar
    God is always there when I feel lonely.
    And I feel guilty sometimes, because it makes me angry that I should be "people-lonely" and I don't feel like spending time with his presence. When I just want to warm body to lean against or to have a hug.
    Pillows just don't count as humans.

    But then there are moments when I am so glad I am lonely, and it doesn't feel lonely or desolate, but like a blessed protection. When I am so very deeply devastated, that no human I know could possibly console me. When I feel like disolving into a puddle of muddy dirt and ashes and never eat or talk again....
    Then his arms catch me, cradle me and I feel his love and compassion and understanding without needing to say a thing. Only Help.... Or I need you Jesus... sometimes even that is too much.

    But no darkness is ever completely dark anymore, since the radiant Savior has now claimed my life as his. Even in the darkest night it is still lighter now, then used to be the brightest day without Christ...