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The Hangover Was The Easy Part

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by , 4 Weeks Ago at 08:19 PM (161 Views)
I got drunk last night. Really drunk. Black-out drunk.

Somehow, I managed to get up this morning and take care of my responsibilities. Once they were concluded, I had two phone calls to make. One to my sponsor to let them know I had failed in my sobriety, the other to my Oblate mentor to let them know I had failed in my sobriety. Neither call was anything remotely pleasant to have.

I've disappointed some people, and that hurts a lot more than the pounding headache I had this morning did.

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  1. MollyConnor's Avatar
    I have never gotten drunk and don't know what a hangover feels like. But I do know what binging and purging feels like as I've been doing it since I was 14. Doing both really feels good. It feels amazing to get a sugar high and then to get rid of it feels even better. But I really do hate it and it's ruined my life so far.

    It really sucks to tell my mom "I purged last night...again" I see the pain in her eyes and the anger she has towards me for not taking care of myself. But I tell her to be held accountable.

    I'm sorry you're going through that. I wish I could tell you there's light in the end of the tunnel, but I'm not sure of it myself sometimes. Just know that you're not alone. I'll be praying for you, brother.
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  2. Demi777's Avatar
    Brother we all have struggles. Dont be ashamed of yourself for having that problem. That shame is something the enemy uses to take us captive and bind us. It blinds us to the love and fellowship because we want to hide ourselves.
    I like you and always did and you didn't disappoint me. I am proud of u that u came here and told us all.

    Now. Take some alkasalzer and get some rest. Every day is a new day God made and rejoice and be glad in it my friend.

  3. tourist's Avatar
    Now, my brother and I have drunk our fair share of alcohol. Years ago I was staying with him for a few days and one morning we were imbibing on Pina Colada's. I don't remember what happened after downing a few but do recall waking up in his backyard the next morning with a pounding headache and blurred vision. I gave up alcohol years ago and my vision is much clearer now. The pain in my head is residing also. It must be a residual effect.
  4. loverofjesus27's Avatar
  5. tourist's Avatar
    Yes, it's best to avoid alcohol. I never did drugs or even smoke pot. It is wise to say no to drugs.
  6. seoulsearch's Avatar
    Keep talking to us, Yahweh.

    We all have our shortcomings.

    We all have something we're trying to overcome.

    We're all disappointing someone, in some way, and it sucks.

    Kudos to you for making those calls.

    Keep checking in with us here as well. Will pray for you tonight at work.

    God bless you. He's still there. And, He understands the most out of any of us. <3
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  7. slave's Avatar
    (2 Timothy 2:23-26): ...The Voice (VOICE)

    23 Excuse yourself from any conversations that turn into foolish and uninformed debates because you know they only provoke fights. 24 As the Lord’s slave, you shouldn’t exhaust yourself in bickering; instead, be gentle—no matter who you are dealing with—ready and able to teach, tolerant without resentment, 25 gently instructing those who stand up against you. Besides, the time may come when God grants them a change of heart so that they can arrive at the full knowledge of truth. 26 And if they come to their senses, they can escape the devil’s snare and walk freed from his captivity and evil bidding.

    I will pray that God gives you freedom from this burdensome stronghold as you lay it bear at His feet. As you confess , so then go with Him onward and upward! Let the glory of God shine thru you, all the more as you have gone thru this conflict. For God says all things turn out for good for those who love Him! And inasmuch as He is able (first, as He has loved you), and inasmuch as you love Him He will empower you to put to death the things of the flesh! May God richly Bless you!

    Encouragement comes from Spiritual Truth in us being abandoned to God (being bondservants to Christ), not Spiritual Truth being abandoned.
  8. Yahweh_is_gracious's Avatar
    I've been given some extra reading to go through, to study, and to keep in mind. Reading it gives me reason to hang my head in shame. My mentor is very disappointed in me, and that actually does hurt my feelings.

    *disclaimer - I'm not going to engage in a works vs. grace debate, nor will I entertain any malarkey about this being a "Catholic" teaching. We have many boards here at CC for that kind of verbal detritus*

    An excerpt from The Rule of St. Benedict:

    In the first place, to love the Lord God with the whole heart, the whole soul and the whole strength.

    Then one’s neighbour as if oneself.
    Then, not to kill.
    Not to commit adultery.
    Not to steal.
    Not to covet.
    Not to utter false witness.
    To honour all men.
    To do as one would be done by.
    To deny oneself that one may follow Christ.
    To chastise the body.
    Not to embrace delights.
    To love fasting.
    To relieve the poor.
    To clothe the naked.
    To visit the sick.
    To bury the dead.
    To help in tribulation.
    To console the sorrowing.
    To become a stranger to worldly deeds.
    To prefer nothing to the love of Christ.
    Not to carry anger into effect.
    Not to prolong the duration of one’s wrath.
    Not to retain guile in one’s heart.
    Not to make a false peace.
    Not to abandon charity.
    Not to swear, lest perchance one forswear.
    To utter only truth from heart and mouth.
    Not to return evil for evil.
    Not to do injury, but to suffer it patiently.
    To love enemies.
    Not to curse in return those who curse one, but rather to bless them.
    To bear persecution for righteousness.
    Not to be proud.
    Not to be given to much wine.
    Not to be gluttonous.
    Not given to much sleep.
    Not to be sluggish.
    Not to be given to grumbling.
    Not to be a detractor.
    To put one’s hope in God.
    When one sees any good in oneself to attribute it to God, not to self.
    But to recognize that evil always comes from self and to refer it to self.
    To have wholesome fear of the day of judgment.
    With fear to shrink from hell.
    To long for eternal life with all spiritual desire.
    To have the expectation of death daily before one’s eyes.
    Hour by hour to keep guard over one’s every act.
    To know for certain that God sees one everywhere.
    Forthwith to dash down upon the Rock, even Christ, any evil thoughts approaching the
    heart: and to lay them open before one’s superior.
    To keep one’s mouth from evil or depraved speech.
    Not to love to speak much.
    Not to speak useless or mirth-provoking words.
    Not to love much or excessive laughter.
    To listen with goodwill to holy reading.
    To be frequently occupied in prayer.
    With tears and groaning daily to confess in prayer to God one’s past sins and concerning those same sins to amend for the future.
    Not to fulfil the desires of the flesh: to hate one’s own will.
    To yield obedience in all things to the abbot’s precepts, even if he himself act contrary to their spirit, the which be far from him: being mindful of that precept of the Lord: “What they say, do ye; but what they do, do ye not.”
    Not to wish to be called holy before one is, but to be so first, whereby one would be so called the more truly.
    By deeds daily to fulfil the precepts of God.
    To love chastity.
    Not to hate anyone.
    Not to harbour jealousy.
    Not to love contention.
    To avoid elation.
    To venerate seniors.
    To love juniors.
    In the love of Christ to pray for one’s enemies.
    In case of discord with anyone to make peace before the setting of the sun.
    And never to despair of the mercy of God.
    Behold, these are the instruments of the spiritual art, the which, when they shall have been

    ceaselessly employed by us day and night and duly given back in the day of judgment, shall be
    recompensed to us by that reward from God which He promised: “That which the eye hath not seen nor the ear heard, and that hath not entered into the human heart, the things which God has prepared for them who love Him.”

    And the cloister of the monastery and stability in the community are the workshop wherein we may diligently effect all these works.
  9. Lighthearted's Avatar
    Hey Yah? Yahweh is gracious...and He loves you...just like your friends much as a lot of us care about you and wish we could take this evil from your life...we can't...but He can. Been there, done that.