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by , January 12th, 2017 at 04:54 AM (277 Views)
My life became a bitter example of sin; I became a castaway on the other side of a wall. With hindsight I could not escape, even from myself. One long night I knelt on a concrete floor, in tears I asked God if I could be forgiven; and would He teach me things I couldn't possibly know without Him.

What happened next became a vision; every part of me heard and felt in every cell of my body. I was in a seemingly desolate place, like desert with nothing on or in it. Then
a bolt of lightening struck the earth off in the distance. Something like a cloud formed on the desert floor and began to roll towards me; like a river. In a short span of time the river reached me, and flowed through me with a great power of knowledge. It was so intense that it scared me; and at that moment I asked Him to please stop, and teach me as I am able. The ground work was laid; I experienced some of His power in the name of wisdom. And I found at that very moment just how insignificant I was.

What I've just shared I later called creation language. I did not know to say it that way until three years of intense study. I can't truthfully say that I am a teach. That would be so wrong. I am still little more that a child of God. But I do want to say that in my heart, mind, and soul; I am forgiven.

Just a couple days ago (not sure, I am not doing well) I had an exchange with a Jewish man about the great flood; that it was God's judgement. This is a spiritual Key that opens understanding concerning waters of this earth. Another spiritual Key is knowing that in the beginning of Christ's ministry He said, Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. The great flood covered everything, including all the things that lived on the earth. Being God's judgement, Jesus called for fishermen to fish them out.

I know creation language can be difficult; but when understanding comes, you will know the meaning of the Christian fish. There are many Keys that open understanding, the prophet Jonah asked God, why do You make men like fish of the sea; like creatures that wander as if they have no ruler over them. This language teaches us who we are and why we are that way in God's sight.

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  1. Ugly's Avatar
    Any revelation that doesn't match the bible is not of God. These 'Keys' sound more closely related to occult 'secret knowledge' than biblical teaching.
    The bible tells us to "test the spirits". Did you follow the bible to test the Spirit that granted you some odd special revelation?
    All of this sounds quite suspicious.
  2. yaright's Avatar
    I am well aware this would sound suspicious to you. I would like you to teach me about the Christian fish the way you learned it. When you are done, please allow me to give witness that the meaning of the Christian fish is about each and everyone of us. Being suspicious should be in our nature; because Jesus did say trust no man, not even your brother. This defined the need to be suspicious, even of you. Thank you.